Lake Ontario Fishing Charters

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Lake Ontario Fishing Charters

Searching for one of the premium Lake Ontario charters on the eastern end of the lake operating out of Oswego, NY? Capt. Jimmy Samia and Ace Charters specializes in providing both fun and safe charter fishing excursions for the whole family, sport fishing for Lake Ontario’s tackle busting king salmon (Chinook), Coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, lake trout, steelhead, domestic rainbow trout and incredibly hard fighting brown trout. Our valued Lake Ontario charter clients experience pulse pounding adrenalin rushes when they hear the shout “fish on… fish on” as the prized catch grabs their bait and makes the drag on their fishing reel scream. It couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is call to schedule your reservation, show up and we’ll take it from there. Let Capt. Jimmy and Ace Charters provide everything necessary for the Lake Ontario fish catching trip of a lifetime!

Lake Ontario Charters for the Ladies

Past  Lake Ontario fishing charter clients both young and old alike have enjoyed tremendous success  while  fishing with us. Our professional Ace Charters Lake Ontario fishing team has done very well, also. In past seasons since 2011,our pro team and its members had the dubious distinction of being the ONLY team to successfully place and cash in EVERY Lake Ontario tournament entered both here in the United States and Canada till halfway of 2014. Our fishing charter clients also set a standard by catching nine trophy king salmon over the magical weight of thirty pounds or “Tyees” as the Canadians call them in one year (2013). None of the other recognized licensed Lake Ontario charters can legitimately make these claims! Please read our 2015 update on tournament fishing highlighted in red here.

Lake Ontario fishing charters produced this monster king
Folks, they don’t call them the Great Lakes for nothing! Lake Ontario is the smallest of the five but for the average angler that is pretty hard to believe when he looks out over the massive volumes of potential fishing areas. Lake Ontario actually measures almost 200 miles long and over 50 miles wide. The average mean depth is about 285 feet and the deepest recorded areas can be over 800 feet. For the sportsman, this lake is like “fishing heaven” because of the incredible populations of large fish and multiple species available to fish. Consider this! Lake Ontario is stocked on a yearly basis with over a million and a half trout and salmon by both the United States and Canada.

You would think with such a tremendous opportunity of available species and size that it would be easy, right? Don’t forget that Lake Ontario is a massive body of water and the old saying is… “90% of the fish inhabit 10% of the water”. If you are serious about catching some fish, finding and hiring one of the experienced Lake Ontario fishing charters  is going to be paramount to your success. In order to catch these fish, it is important to understand each species movements and habits. You need to know what depths they live in, what they are feeding on, what water temperature they prefer to swim in, what lures they will strike, what hours of the day they feed, and much more.

Local Lake Ontario Charter Knowledge Pays Big Dividends in Results

Our local Lake Ontario charters and Oswego Marina captains are well known for being the pride of the Lake Ontario recreational king salmon charter fishing fleet and with over 40 years of experience Capt. Jimmy Samia is one of the most demanded and respected charter captains docked in the Oswego Marina. Having ultimate fishing success on a lake as massive as Lake Ontario requires a qualified knowledgeable veteran angler like Capt. Samia and this alone makes fishing with Ace Charters your wisest choice for a productive fishing day without a doubt.

Family friendly Lake Ontario fishing on Ace Charters!Capt. Samia takes special pride in providing clients with a “family friendly” Lake Ontario  charter experience. For the veteran anglers, Jimmy will take the time to explain the important details of exactly what is going on during the process of catching those big trophy Lake  Ontario salmon and trout. For the less experienced angler, Capt. Samia always takes pleasure in helping teach his “first-timers” all the proper angling techniques and the tricks that have taken him so many years of experience and fishing success to perfect. Check out our article about how to prepare for your Lake Ontario Fishing Charter.

Every season Ace Charters stays on top of exactly what it takes to catch those big Lake Ontario trophy fish that you are seeking. We employ a variety of extremely effective king salmon and trout fishing methods including bottom fishing, trolling, casting and even a bit of drift fishing. Whether you choose a trip to fish a full day or just “get your feet wet” with a half day charter trip, you can rest assured Capt. Jimmy will make every effort to put you on the fish and guarantee that your fishing trip is going to be a memorable one for you and your friends or family! It is our opinion that nothing beats an experienced professional Lake Ontario charter boat captain that is willing to go that extra mile to keep you on the fish.