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Lake Ontario and Hudson River charter boat captain, Capt. Jimmy Samia brings over 40 yrs of fishing experience to the table. A 1979 Cum Laude graduate from the University Of Mass. Amherst majoring in Natural Resource studies gives Capt. Jimmy a unique perspective and background into the great outdoors. With concentrated studies in Fisheries Biology and Wildlife it is no wonder why Capt. Jimmy and Ace Charters is one of the most sought after charters operating today putting his knowledge and education to good use.

Reflections on Lake Ontario Fishing August 2016

ShareReflections on Lake Ontario Fishing August 2016 Reflections on Lake Ontario Fishing August 2016 finds us moving into the anticipation of King salmon staging off of the mouth of the Oswego River as spawning time draws near. The word challenging once again rears its ugly head along with the occasional blow off greeting us on […]

Lake Ontario 2016 Season Ended

ShareLake Ontario 2016 season  ended and is now in the books. It will go down as one of the most challenging seasons for numbers but one of the best seasons for trophy fish in both the king salmon and steelhead categories. We also managed to capture a few decent size lake trout and a brown […]