Find Quality Fishing Charters

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Captain Ace’s Tips to Find Quality Charters

How do you find quality charters when there are so many to choose from? When looking for a fishing charter there are always several options. How can you tell the difference between the pros and the pretenders? Here’s a few tips from a seasoned veteran out of Oswego, New York on Lake Ontario fishing charters and how to choose them.

  • The captain must have experience dealing with both novice and experienced anglers of all ages and gender. (Captain Ace has a teaching background from MCLA college on the graduated level in Middle School Mathematics.)
  • A fishing charter captain must be well versed in fishing for all species especially when the target species is not readily available.
  • The captain must be well respected amongst his peers and have a network of professionals to work with on a daily basis.
  • If the captain of a fishing charter has a tournament background with a good track record all the better. It proves he knows how to compete with the best.
  • Equipment must be top notch so as not to fail at the moment of truth. Quality electronics are a must both for safety and finding and staying on fish.
  • Check to see past success of his previous clients in derbies and other contests.
  • Peruse their photo gallery to see past successful clients
  • Does their photo gallery contain pictures of families and children such as yours?find quality charters to catch fish like these