Hudson River Fishing Charters

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Hudson River Fishing Charters

Hudson River fishing charters produce nice fish.

Every season Capt. Jimmy kicks off the fishing with his own great cure for “cabin fever” by running his Hudson River fishing charters. As the early season sun and early spring rains warm the waters of the famous Hudson River, one of the most exciting events of every fishing season gets underway for some unbelievable striped bass fishing. These big stripers move up the Hudson in huge numbers on their annual spawning runs. We often catch both large numbers as well as giant females like this one pictured. A quick trip and you can get in on the striped bass fishing fun!

Coeymans, NY is located on the Hudson River and is a short 120 mile drive from Binghamton, Syracuse, New York City and is just outside Albany, NY. Many anglers aren’t even aware of this spectacular spring fishing opportunity that is available so close to our NY population centers. Just about the time you are wondering if the winter will ever be over you will be able to come join Capt. Samia and get your “outdoors” on while enjoying one of his Hudson River Fishing Charters!

It looks like another banner year for king salmon on Lake Ontario.Lake Ontario fishing charters produce all speciesAnother happy Lake Ontario charter fishing group.Now that's a big Lake Ontario king salmon.A happy Lake Ontario Fishing charter client.

Here at Ace Charters, we pride ourselves as being one of the longest running, most successful family oriented striper fishing charters on the Hudson River fishing today! We are proud to announce that this will be our 23rd year fishing on the Hudson River and our 17th year running fishing charters on it as well. Let our Hudson River charter fishing experience work for you.

Hudson River fishing charters are fun for the whole family

To be effective running charters on the Hudson River fishing on a daily basis, there are a lot of parameters that have to be met, especially when families with women and children are involved. From the size of the boat like the “Ace” to employing the best in fishing equipment available today from companies like Shimano, Furuno, Penn, and Lowrance, Ace Charters and Capt. Jimmy Samia are well known for providing one of the best Hudson River fishing charters available today. He has been a frequent contributor to the Boating on The Hudson Magazine over the past several years sharing his Hudson River fishing knowledge and experiences. Also, feel free to check out our Hudson River fishing charters ‘ Google+  page where you can find up to date info on a near daily basis during the Hudson River fishing season.

Having the best in fishing equipment combining it with over twenty years of Hudson River  fishing experience can really stack the odds in your favor for a successful Hudson River charter fishing outcome. Capt. Jimmy knows the Hudson River like the back of his hand from the Troy Dam to Catskill. He has even fished the Kingston, Newburgh area in the past, as well. That being said, Capt. Jimmy has made  his home for Hudson River charter fishing and running his charters for striped bass out of Coeyman’s Landing, NY. Headquartered here, Ace Charters can cover a section of river over 30 miles long that has historically held breeding class sea run striped bass year after year in very fishable numbers.

The mighty Hudson River can be a very formidable place, especially when running fishing  charters on a daily basis. Weather conditions can change and create some real challenges to smaller boat craft. Our 28′ Baha Cruiser charter boat is actually built to not only take on the Hudson River but the Great Lakes as well. It is very rare that we will cancel a trip due to too adverse of conditions on the Hudson River. This is important when you are booking in advance and have made the necessary prior arrangements. Boat size does matter when it comes to comfort and safety for you and your family while on a Hudson River fishing charter!

Hudson River Striper Charters

Every year just before the fishing begins to get hot on Lake Ontario, Hudson River striper charters can be found  going after giant schools of striped bass that move into the Hudson River in Eastern New York on their annual spawning run. Luckily, this coincides with anglers’ awakening from their long winter indoor hibernation, and when you put these two together, the action can be as hot as gasoline on fire! One of the most eagerly awaited runs each year is that of the Hudson River striped bass, and one of the best places in the Northeast to target these fish is the Hudson River with Ace Charters.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is so, then please check out some of our past successful  Hudson River striper charter fishing clients in our photo gallery. Here you will find proof positive of why we have chosen Coeyman’s Landing as our  charter fishing home base. Add to it that this location also has one of the best boat mechanics on site and a first class restaurant called Yanni’s Too, and you have the makings for a great day on the Hudson River. Last but not least, Coeyman’s Landing Marina has one of the only legitimate fish cleaning stations located on the Hudson River. Free Hudson River striper filleting is included in the cost of your Hudson River Striper Charter.

The Hudson River begins in the Adirondack Mountains and flows south some 300 miles through eastern New York. The river passes through some beautiful countryside, including the Catskill Mountains, the Taconic Mountains, and the scenic Hudson River Valley. Much of the southern portion of the river is brackish, part of an estuary. As far north as Troy, in fact, the Hudson is affected by the ocean’s tides. The river empties into Upper New York Bay at the point where New York and New Jersey meet. The Hudson is popular with a variety of outdoorsmen, including boaters, sailors, yachtsmen, and anglers. Ace Charters is located in one of perhaps the best striper fishing locations on the Hudson river for catching both quantity and quality of breeding class sea run stripers. Our Hudson River Striper charters are run out of Coeyman’s Landing Marina about 10 miles south of Albany, NY. See map below…..


A new state record was caught in May of 2014 weighing some 60 lbs. by a solo angler fishing out of his own personal boat. You can read about it here.  The previous  New York state record striped bass was pulled from the Hudson River on May 9, 2007. The big female tipped the scales at 55 pounds, 6 ounces. Landed by Ian Kiraly, the record striper measured 49 3/8 inches in length and had a girth of 32 inches. That’s not the only giant striper that has been taken from the Hudson River. In 2003, a 55-pounder was caught, and in 2000, a striped bass weighing 54 pounds, 6 ounces was landed from shore. Fortunately for fishermen, the Hudson still has some monsters lurking in its depths.

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Hudson River Trophy Striped Bass Are Our Specialty!

This award winning striped bass was taken with us by the late “Buckwheat” Lefavre while fishing with us dead drifting herring. It won the Coeyman’s Landing Marina Derby in 2008!

Catch a giant Hudson River striper like this one chartering with Capt. Jimmy.