Lake Ontario Fishing

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 Lake Ontario Fishing

With over 700 miles of shore, along with numerous bays, islands, river mouths, shallow lagoons, and major sand bars, Lake Ontario can be a tricky place, not to mention that weather patterns on Lake Ontario can change in an instant. What does this mean for anglers on the lake? These constants and variables mean that you’ll need a  Lake Ontario guide or fishing charter who knows how to deal with these elements. You want a “fishing friend” who knows the lake’s geography and who knows the most likely places for trout and king salmon to be found. On your own, you can waste a lot of valuable time and effort searching over 7,500 square miles of water while pursuing your fishing quarry! This is a great reason to consider hiring one of the more experienced Lake Ontario fishing charters such as Ace Charters out of Oswego,NY!

Lake Ontario Surface Map

Now that you have seen that it is a wise move to hire a charter boat to go Lake Ontario fishing, we need to remind you again, that all Lake Ontario fishing charters are not the same. Always look for a boat that is meticulously maintained and properly rigged. This will allow you the assurance that you and your family are fishing on these big waters in a boat that is going to be safe and dependable. A vessel that is set up to effectively to catch fish.

Lake Ontario Brown Trout Fishing

Lake Ontario fishing charters for brown trout are an absolute blast for families with children looking for a fishing trip that is both action packed and easily do-able by young and old alike. Especially during the month of June, Lake Ontario brown trout fishing trips are often fished closer to shore and in shallower water with ultra-light tackle. The brown trout also tend to be larger in size, full of vigor, and most times will bite throughout the day. Check out our Lake Ontario brown trout fishing charter page or articles that we have posted on our blog relating to brown trout fishing on Lake Ontario. There are also several photos of some of our past clients successes there as well. When you think about fishing in June, think about Brown trout fishing on Lake Ontario with Ace Charters!


A great lake Ontario fishing charter catch