Aug 4, 2015 Lake Ontario Fishing Report

Congratulations to Ray Shields on bagging our first Tyee of the season tipping the boga at over thirty pounds.
Today was a day for big fish. In the am, Fred Mason landed a 27lb king becoming our biggest king angler of the season so far. It did not last long however(sorry Fred) as on our afternoon trip, Jake Shiels bested it with a 27.5 lb king the very same day. We then went for a few hours without a bite until a dipsey went off and Ray put the mox to this 30lber thats in the pic. Big kings are here in Oz. Thanks to the Atommik flies again, humongous kings have come across our transom. The protein fly strikes again.

Aug 4, 2015 Lake Ontario Fishing Report, three on the Ace Charters rack, father holding big guy for son, 17 lb king on boga, three tanks and a dandy, wife caught a decent fish too, happy Ace Charters customers