August salmon fishing on Lake Ontario continues to be sizzling hot as the season progresses. More and more adult king salmon are showing up daily as the spawning urge begins to take hold. As of right now a 34 LB king is leading the fall loc derby.

August salmon fishing on lake Ontario

With the coming of the fall salmon run and the bigger fish associated with it comes the increase is loss of tackle. The problem comes with trying to replace the hot items that these big August king salmon take away when we bust off on them. The tackle stores both brick and mortar as well as on line shops are all sold out as the season end drawers near. The good thing is that the kings have been more willing to take Atommik flies on a daily basis and flies are more readily available at the local shops.You see Atommik flies are made here locally in Oswego by Tom Allen. Thank goodness.
Here’s the dilemma that we all face. Earlier in the year when an item becomes hot and the word spreads, it becomes nearly impossible to acquire these items. This is why when I do get new stuff, I always buy several in anticipation of it working. That being said, I do have a lot of items that just don’t seem to pan out. Enter the creation of customizing up your own stuff. We have been able to doctor up losers and turn them into winners on occasion. Some continue to work year after year until you lose them and run out. And of course you can’t buy any more.

After fishing season I plan to come back to this post and update it with some of the more successful tricks that we have employed to trick out items. When you do hit on a winner its good to know that you are the only one who is showing it to the fish in the lake.