Best Lake Ontario Fishing tip I know will be discussed in this post. It was taught to me by the late, great, Kevin Davis, in my opinion, the best Great Lakes fisherman of all time! The G.O.A.T!!!!!

How To Go About Learning It.

Before I disclose what it is, there are a few things that have to be in place for it to work. Perhaps paramount is building a network of fellow fisherman that you can trust and communicate with on a daily basis.

Asking The Right Questions

When building up a network of guys/ gals to work with, the right questions have to be asked to determine how your contacts typically fish. Questions such as target temperature, depth of water, and speed are of utmost importance. Also the species’ being targeted must be known! Location can be key as well!

Best Lake Ontario fishing tip in se to catch kings like these
When you’re “getting them”

Are You Getting Them

Once you learn how other boats fish, “Are you getting them” is the most important question to ask of all! For if I know how you fish in terms of temperature, preferred baits, depth of water, etc. and you’re getting them and I’m not……. Adjustments will certainly be made on my part, accordingly! This is how you put the best Lake Ontario fishing tip into action when needed.

Putting It In Operation

Kevin and I would communicate after the first half hour to hour or so. If both of us were getting them, then usually there was no time to call! We would always ask “Are you getting them”? Kev knew that I liked to fish in the ice. I knew that Kev liked to start off in the warmer water, most times. It usually didn’t take us long to figure out where we needed to concentrate our presentations one way or the other.

Are You Getting Them

So there you have it. The best Lake Ontario Fishing tip is not only building up a network of trustworthy fishermen, but also taking the time to learn how they typically fish on any given day. What are their preferred styles and presentations. If you’re getting them, then it’s no big deal. But if you’re starving, it’s not a bad idea to switch over to what’s working on someone else’s boat!!! And always, one should give as good as they get to keep the trust flowing!

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