Best Time For Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing

Best time for Lake Ontario salmon fishing is an often asked question we receive here at Ace Charters from potential clients. The answer, however, is not as easy, or cut and dry, as one might think! It is complex in nature as is Mother Nature! We can narrow it down to some degree based upon clients needs and expectations!

Size And Numbers

Once the baitfish come in to spawn typically, throughout the month of June, the dinner buffet is concentrated and easier for predator fish to locate and feed. As all age classes of fish need to feed to survive, at no other time will you find all three age classes of king salmon congregated in such close proximity to each other. For this reason, there are more active targets to fish for in a smaller area. As the bait moves offshore and scatters, so will the salmon.

Best time for Lake Ontario salmon fishng like these!

Adult Salmon

A three year old adult salmon will actively feed throughout July into the month of August. As the spawning urge increases, adult kings will orientate and come closer to their pre-natal rivers where they were born and subsequently smolted. Near the end of August, adult kings will form squadrons prowling the shallower depths still feeding, anticipating the urge to run the rivers and spawn.

The Question

The question that needs to be answered is do you want numbers or size of salmon. In late June and July, there are all three age classes one could target, and at the same time. The longer the kings are in the Lake , the more they will grow to larger size and towards adulthood. The caveat is, all the fish that are caught in June and July, will not be there in August. But, those that are, will be much larger in size!

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