New Items Are Being Added To Ace Charters II

New items are being added to Ace Charters II this year that we are awfully exited about! Although they are not truly necessary to have, they will go a long way to adding to the enjoyment of an already fun experience! Although there is one item I’m sure that my first mate Jeff will appreciate when he fishes the Hudson River striper trips with me.

Electric Windlass

The first item that I’m sure Jeff will like, is an electric windlass. The specific windlass we are adding is the Lewmar Pro Series 1000 with remote control along with controlled up and down. For a good part of the Hudson River striper season, we fish off of anchor, almost daily. We also move a lot throughout the day as river conditions dictate to keep us on the fish. As you well may have guessed, having to haul an anchor up manually over several times a day gets quite physical. It’s also time consuming to do so. The windlass is just the ticket to combat this!

New Items being added to Ace Charters II include the Lewmar Windlass

It’s on our schedule this spring to install the Lewmar before we launch Ace Charters II. The work will take place at Coeymans landing marina and be done both by Jeff and myself. All the wiring and connectors have been purchased in anticipation. Plus, Jim Costello and the Coeymans Landing boat mechanics and shop are there should we run into trouble. It’s sure is great having them there!

Garmin Panoptics

The second big item we’re adding is the Garmin Panoptics system featuring the PS 30 transducer along with the Garmin 942 sv plus multifunction display. The panoptics system shows bait and fish in real time under and around the boat. The PS 30 also allows for internal transducer cone angle adjustment allowing baits,attractors,and fish to be displayed while trolling in real time behind the boat, especially on Lake Ontario fishing trips. We also plan on this install to be done at Coeymans during dry dock.

Livewell System

Last but not least, we will be installing a live well system on board, featuring a 40 gallon round livewell. The system also has a 1500 gph transom mounted livewell pump. It is easily removed via a quick detach mounting bracket. We will have to plumb it in along with intake and overflow hoses which we also aquired over the winter. It should prove to be a valuable addition to the vessel.

Spring is just around the corner and we are super exited to start our 2021 charter fishing season both on the Hudson River as well as the Big Pond. Let’s hope Mother Nature lets us get most of our trips in and she behave’s herself weather wise. Hope to see you all on the water, too!

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The Groove Life Belt For Fishing Lake Ontario

Every once in a while we come across a product here at Ace Charters that really shines. Low and behold we just found another one. Its called the Groove Life belt and it’s a winner!

Groove Life Belt

We were contacted by Hannah Moeller, a marketing representive for the company, a short while ago. She offered us a chance to try out the Groove Life belt and/or a groove ring which the company offers. We opted to try the belt. We are glad we did!

Great Material Adds To Comfort

The Groove Life belt itself is made out of a durable nylon like material with an elasticity property to it. This elasticity makes for very comfortable and conforming belt. It flexes as you twist, turn, or bend. Unlike fixed leather belts we have all worn in the past, the give and take of the Groove Life belt’s flexibility sets it so much more far apart. It should flx perfctly when setting downriggers or other fishing chores that require bending and twisting.

Can You Say Durability

Those of us who have worn leather belts in the past all know that sooner or later they will have to be replaced due to wear and tear! It seems that just when a leather belt breaks in and gets more comfortable, it lets go and breaks.

Great Adjustability

Looking at the Groove Life belt, two thing stand out! One, it has a magnetic belt buckle which is easily attached and unhooked. Second, it is infinitely adjustable and done so with ease. When you add this to the comfort and simplicity of this style belt, you will not be dissapointed.

Awesome Warranty

The company offers a 90 year warranty on the longevity of the belt. 90 years!! Just looking at the material it’s made out of, it’s very believable. We see this as the last belt we will ever have to buy again. For the hunters out there, there is a Mossy Oak camo pattern available as well as several other colors. Check out the link for more information at Groove Life!

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Sea Sickness On Lake Ontario And Best Prevention

Sea sickness on Lake Ontario is a common occurence, especially for first time fishermen and clients. We will discuss the cause and some of the ways to avoid this maladity, so that it doesn’t happen to you. Fishing is supposed to be fun, right! Getting sea sick is anything but!

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Sea Sickness Cause

Sea sickness or motion sickness is caused by wave motion messing with the equilibrium in your inner ear. According to Medline Plus, specifically, it’s your eyes showing your brain something different than what its feeling via your inner ear. Everyone knows what happens when this situation is allowed to go on for too long!!!

So how do we prevent getting sea sick in the first place? The answer is to first know if you are succeptable to motion sickness and to what degree! One variable that must be taken into account is sea state or quite simply, how rough is it out there. The rougher the Lake is, the more likely you are to get sick, and the much quicker it will occur. After all, you are less likely to get sick on a flat body of water or calm seas!

Finding out whether you are prone to sea sickess or not, as well as to what degree, comes with experience. And that must include Lake Ontario experience! Keep in mind that Lake Ontario wave patterns and frequencies are quite different than saltwater Ocean waves. Numerous times on our Lake Ontario fishing charters we have had “old salts”with plenty of Ocean experience leaning over the side.

Skoplalamine Patches For The Cure

Here’s our best recommendation for preventing sea sickness! Unless you know for sure that you are immune to getting motion sickness on Lake Ontario, the best pre-emptive move is to use Skopalomine patches prescribed to you by a physician! Years of experience shows us that these patches work! Trick is to put them on behind your ear the day before you plan on going out on the water. This gives the medication enough time to get into your system and do its job.

sea sickness Skopalomine patch

If you can’t aquire Skopalomine patchs, then there are other over the counter motion sickness medications available to try. Keep in mind that these too, should be taken with enough advanced time to let the meds get into your system. Although these types of meds have worked for some, they still do not compare to the patch for reliability in sea sickness prevention. Please check out our page on preparing for your fishing charter for further information and insights to ensure a great trouble free fishing trip!

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Tight Lines Are Key To Success Fishing Lake Ontario

Tight lines are key to success on Lake Ontario. Keeping them tight however, seems to be an insurmountable task for many. We will discuss the paridigm in this post.

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Keep The Rod Bent

The best way to up your chances of landing a Lake Ontario trout or salmon is to keep the line tight with a good bend in the rod. Any less than this and most times you can kiss your fish good bye. The reason for this has to do with the internal components of a fish”s mouth and how it attacks the bait.

tight lines are key to success like this

The Way It Works

The inside of Lake Ontario trout and salmon mouths are similar to the top of your head. The inside of a fish’s mouth has a hard and bony structure with a thin layer of skin, just like a human’s head. When fish attack a bait when trolling at our common speeds, they literally inhale it deep into their mouths. When the point of the hook grabs, it’s not uncommon for it to prick the thin layer of the fish’s skin inside its mouth.

When The Hook Can Slip

So here’s the problem! The point of the hook that penetrates the skin cannot bury passed the barb into the bony structure of the fishes mouth. Over a short period of time, a hole will wear through around the hook barb that impaled the skin. As soon as any slack is given to the fish, the hook is then allowed to come free and exit the fish’s mouth.

A Second Chance

Even with tight lines being kept, the hook point can still rip out of the skin on top of the fish’s mouth. But, the caveat is this. If the line is kept tight along with a good bend in the rod, the hook upon exit, has a very good chance of hooking up again with the lips of the quarry.

Keep Em Tight

As stated before, tight lines are the key to success! Whether the hook is stuck to the skin on the inside of the fish’ mouth, or on its way out of it, a taught line increases the chance of landing that fish exponentially. Keep in mind that even if a fish gets hooked in the lips on the initial strike, over time with slashing and rolling, the fish can wear a hole around the burried barb of the hook. If any slack is allowed in the line, the hook can easily fall out. Ask yourself this , “How many times have the hooks fallen out when a netted fish is placed on the deck of the boat and the line is slackened”!

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Navigating On Lake Ontario While Fishing

Navigating on Lake Ontario, especially out of Oswego,NY can be quite challenging to down right dangerous at times. In this post, we will discuss some of the must haves to effectively navigate the smallest of the Great Lakes on a day to day basis.

When It’s Too Dangerous

Perhaps talking about when one should just not go out on the Lake at all, should come first! It’s our policy at Ace Charters to refrain from fishing on Lake Ontario during a “Small Craft Advisory Issuance“. There are also times when the wave heights are just too high and tightly packed together that prohibits navigation and fishing all together. This can occur even in the absence of a Small Craft Advisory being issued!

Beware The Fog

One of the obvious challenges to navigating on Lake Ontario is the presence of fog. The scary part is that there might not be any fog present at the onset of your voyage, but then the fog rolls in out of nowhere! We have seen this occur with and without rain storms. So how do you deal with being caught in the fog?

navigating on Lake Ontario with Lowrance 3g

Radar And Chartplotter

On our charter boat the “Ace Charters II”, we have 3G radar overlay on our Lowrance Gen III chartplotter. It’s invaluable navigating during foggy conditions. Radar, especially good radar is a must have on a Great Lakes charter boat. Knowing where other vessels are located during low visibility is imperative to avoid collisions. Radar also shows other vessels’ direction of travel. It also comes in handy to identify where the shoreline and harbor entrances are to get back to the dock safely.

Good Electronics A Must For Navigation

A good chartplotter and fishfinder are must haves as well for navigating on Lake Ontario. Having the way points to the harbor entrance along with a good chart display goes a long way to insuring safe navigation on Lake Ontario. A compass is also a neccesity should your electronics go out. If you’re wondering why I mentioned a fishfinder previously, here’s the answer. Lake Ontario water depth gets shallower as you head towards shore in a southerly direction out of our port of Oswego. If for some reason you were to lose your chartplotter under low visibilty conditions, watching the water depth gives you clues when you are getting close to the shoreline!

As always, feel free to contact us at 413-346-7675 or via our contact form with any questions that you may have . We will be happy to answer them. To book a trip please call 413-346-7675 or use our contact form as well!