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Lake Ontario and Hudson River charter boat captain, Capt. Jimmy Samia brings over 40 yrs of fishing experience to the table. A 1979 Cum Laude graduate from the University Of Mass. Amherst majoring in Natural Resource studies gives Capt. Jimmy a unique perspective and background into the great outdoors. With concentrated studies in Fisheries Biology and Wildlife it is no wonder why Capt. Jimmy and Ace Charters is one of the most sought after charters operating today putting his knowledge and education to good use.

Sea Sickness On Lake Ontario And Best Prevention

Sea sickness on Lake Ontario is a common occurence, especially for first time fishermen and clients. We will discuss the cause and some of the ways to avoid this maladity, so that it doesn’t happen to you. Fishing is supposed to be fun, right! Getting sea sick is anything but! Sea Sickness Cause Sea sickness […]