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Ace’s Fishing Info and Tips


For those of you who might not know, we have a section on our main website called Fishing Info and Tips which provide lake Ontario fishing information that is a result of years of direct observation,conversations with other experienced anglers, and years of charter fishing. We have articles which cover a broad spectrum of what it takes to be successful when fishing Lake Ontario. We also believe that a good part of the available information can be implemented on other bodies of water as well.

For those of you who have been thinking about partaking in Lake Ontario fishing tournaments, we have an article that addresses what it takes to participate and give yourself or team an honest chance to win. Again this is based upon observation of past Lake Ontario fishing tournaments both as an” also ran” participant and as a Lake Ontario Pro-Am champion. The article is entitled “ Equipment,Knowledge,and Execution,” the triad for success.

We also have included information about some of the equipment that we use and modifications that we have made upon the way. In our articles we do list what we use for individual tackle and equipment, but the scope of the articles is more of a reason as to why we use what we use. It is not meant to be a recommendation based purely on just holding a pro staff position with that company.In fact, for a majority of the equipment we choose to run, we do not hold any pro staff positions at all! We run stuff because it is proven over time and it WORKS!!!!!

One of the articles that I am most proud of is “Do you know where your stuff is running“. It discusses how we went about finding out almost exactly at what depth every one of our lines are running. We explain how to determine what depths your downriggers are actually at in the column and how to compare it to what you are really seeing on your fishfinder. We also go so far as to try to explain the reason why.

Throughout the Lake Ontario fishing articles one of the main themes is to offer the “reason(s)” why we think things happen the way they do. Over the years we have learned that it’s not just good enough to put this color lure down this many feet with this much stretch back because it’s working for somebody else. We have made it a part of our fishing to attempt to find out the reason why. This way it enables us to make intelligent decisions on what we should be running to catch fish. It enables us to “read” the water effectively.

This makes me think about something I noticed a several years back. There seems to be about a two to three week window during the summer when chartreuse and yellow spoons are on fire. I mean these colors are smoking hot for a period of time and then just die. I know the pattern exists. I have seen it happen year after year. I now know how to tell that it is time to be running chartreuse and yellow spoons without having to put them down and see if a fish will bite them.  This will be the subject of one of my next upcoming articles. I now know how to tell when and I’m closing in as to the reason why. Stay tuned…………….


  • First of all i am Thankful to you for this kind of useful information these are really helpful
    for us to make our more memorable and excited on water specially for beginner.

  • Drew says:

    These tips are really helpful! They are great for beginners of the fishing game. Thanks so much for sharing.