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Using Rubber Bands for Rigging Coppers and Spoon Rods

Using rubber bands for rigging comes in handy on our charters. More specifically, we use them for lite line spooning as well as some of our copper set-ups. In this post, we will discuss how we effectively use them! We are advocates of using lite lines for our rigger rods when running spoons for both…

Controlling The Drag With Rod Bend

Controlling the drag with rod bend is an often overlooked fish fighting skill. It is a simple technique that once mastered puts the smack down on hard fighting fish. It comes in handy when fighting Lake Ontario brown trout on light tackle. Its almost paramount to use battling surging king salmon. Mechanics of Rod Bend […]

When to Set The Hook When Trolling

When to set the hook comes up on almost everyone of our Lake Ontario charters here in Oswego,New York. As part of our routine, we try to give our clients a preview of what to expect when we get bites. Inevitably, when the action starts, previous instruction most often, goes right out the window! On…