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When to Set The Hook When Trolling

When to set the hook comes up on almost everyone of our Lake Ontario charters here in Oswego,New York. As part of our routine, we try to give our clients a preview of what to expect when we get bites. Inevitably, when the action starts, previous instruction most often, goes right out the window! On…

Getting Multiple Hook Ups on Lake Ontario

Getting Multiple Hook Ups Ever wonder how some boats keep getting multiple hook ups like doubles, triples and quads? There are a few things you can do to increase the chances of this happening for you. But, be advised there is no one size fits all approach to making this happen. We will look at […]

Another Boat Trolling Trick

Another Boat Trolling Trick For Lake Ontario Another boat trolling trick that we use I like to call the “power side turn”. In a previous post, we talked about boat trolling skills on Lake Ontario. This is another handy little technique that will keep you on the fish during a hot bite. So, what is […]

Boat Trolling Skills

Boat Trolling Skills to Use On Lake Ontario While Fishing For Salmon There are many boat trolling skills that increase the odds to successfully land fish while trolling Lake Ontario. Boat handling skills are often overlooked as an important ingredient to landing fish. Many anglers are just happy to get the bites and fight the […]