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Dipsey Diver Wire Frequencies

Dipsey Diver wire frequencies! Do they matter? After giving this a lot of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that they do. We will discuss this concept in this post. Line Diameter Matters Wire line for dipsey diver applications come in several diameters, pound test, and brand names. We prefer bulk 10,000 foot spools. More […]

Shallow Water King Salmon Fishing

Shallow water king salmon fishing can certainly be a challenge without the right equipment and knowledge while pursuing them. In this post, we will discuss the equipment we use along with some insights to put it all together. So, let’s get started! The Right Equipment Having the right equipment to fish for shallow water kings […]

Trolling Spread Techniques For Lake Ontario

Trolling spread techniques are a must have for successful Lake Ontario fishing on a day to day basis. In this post, we will discuss types of spreads and how to fine tune them to generate more bites during outings. More specifically, we will outline salmon and brown trout trolling techniques. Brown Trout Trolling Spreads Late […]

What Lures to Run on Lake Ontario for Salmon

We are often asked what lures to run on Lake Ontario for salmon out of Oswego,NY.  Our answer is it depends and that’s not meant to be evasive. So what does “it depends” really mean? What does it depend on? What are some of the variables? Lets dive in! Where is The Temperature Before we […]