Summer is here and it seems to be flying by. Fishing on lake Ontario for trout and salmon has been A OK as of late with some really nice fish coming across our stern. Although the numbers of actual fish being boated is down somewhat from last year, the quality of fish has more than made up for it. As of right no, the biggest king landed by one of.our anglers was bouncing on the Boga at over 33lbs. There have also been several fish in the upper twenties landed in recent days. The west winds have been doing their job and helping the lake set up to be conducive to catching kings.

We will be heading off to Toronto in about a week or so to participate in the Aug 3rd Titelines Shootout hosted out of Bluffer’s Park Marina. Word is that they have been boating nice kings on a daily basis in their Canadian waters. Wish us luck, would you?

As of right now, we have several prime dates left to fill our calendar in August and September. The fishing should be stellar and we can hardly wait to greet the arriving kings as they appear more and more. Give us a call at 413-346-7675 or check us out at for more information and to view pics of some of our successful clients.