Charter Fishing Lake Ontario

Charter fishing lake Ontario can be one of the most exciting adventures that one should experience. The shear awesomeness of the Lake, especially her sunrises are purely beautiful. This sets the background for a fishing environment that is second to none. The air smells fresh and clean. The motion of the boat on the water is relaxing. The only sounds heard are the low purring sound of the motor until someone yells, “fish on, fish on”, and then here we go!  One or more  rods bend over and the drags start screaming as a Lake Ontario King Salmon smashes the bait and takes off at thirty miles an hour to parts unknown. It is a pure adrenalin rush that one must be present to truly appreciate.


Ace Charters has been operating on Lake Ontario running charters for well over a decade. Many clients and friends have felt that adrenalin rush and successfully bagged Lake Ontario king salmon and other salmonids while fishing with us. We pride ourselves at being a family oriented fishing charter business and have helped many anglers from all ages and gender to successfully battle and land huge Lake Ontario trophy fish, keeping the local taxidermist very busy. We have been fortunate enough to have some of our younger clients win derbies that were hosted on Lake Ontario. Our adult clients have cashed in as well including the coveted Lake Ontario fall LOC derby in several classes including both salmon and brown trout divisions.


Using our years of fishing and tournament experience we are able to pass on to our customers methods and tricks that even allow youngsters to easily handle and land Lake Ontario salmon in the 30lb range, over and over again. Please check out this Lake Ontario fishing video of Cody Brown who while fishing with his grandfather Troy, landed this huge Lake Ontario King Salmon, unassisted, using some of our fish fighting methods. Colby and Troy went on to finish ninth out of over 80 boats in the Attomik challenge that year. Some of our other successful youth include Connor Lemmons who won the Fairhaven Challenge’s biggest fish as well as the overall Attomik Triple Crown with his 32.6lb Lake Ontario King Salmon

Biggest King of the tournament

Triple Crown winner Connor Lemmons with the biggest king overall of the tournament caught with Ace Charters on Lake Ontario

. Connors dad Jim, on subsequent trip caught this Lake Ontario fall LOC derby winning brown trout

Charter fishing Lake Ontario

Jim Lemmons came all the way from Pennsylvania to win the Fall Lake Ontario LOC derby

which netted him a cool $2500.00. Dr. Dave Trachlenberg

Lake Ontario Fishing Photos

Dr. Dave Trachlenbergs award winning Lake Ontario king salmon

was fortunate enough to land this behemoth Lake Ontario king salmon while fishing with us during the Lake Ontario fall LOC derby landing him the top prize for the day. Even the ladies have gotten into the action. Team King lead by Chastity King from Pennsylvania finished third in their first ever participation in a Lake Ontario All Ladies Fishing Tournament.

Team King wins third place with this catch

Team King takes third place during the All Ladies Tournament

As you can see, we encourage our Lake Ontario charters to enter any of the derbies that may be scheduled and running during their trip, if they so choose.


When not charter fishing Lake Ontario our professional Ace Charters Team has done exceptionally well fishing the Lake Ontario Pro-Am Lake-wide series. Finally, after numerous top ten finishes and biggest fish wins, we were able to put it all together and win the Orleans County leg of the coveted Lake Ontario Pro-Am tournament. Even when we are not running charters or fishing tournaments we still find time to feed our fishing passion by spending time on the water with our good friends Big Fin aboard the Sea Devil boat. Emily Massina after expertly battling and landing a shot on the 400ft copper was rewarded with this Summer Lake Ontario LOC derby winning Steelhead while we were fishing together aboard the Sea Devil.

LOC derby winning stealhead

Loc derby winning steelhead caught by Emily Massina


Here at Ace Charters we are all about charter fishing Lake Ontario. It has been said about us that we eat, breath, and sleep it! We have been fortunate enough to be accepted onto the pro staff positions of many of the industry’s top companies. Being in it for the long haul, Ace Charters only uses the equipment and tackle that we actually know that works. By doing this we are not held hostage by any one company to use only their products, exclusively. In most cases we buy our own tackle and equipment based upon passed experience and research. This ensures our charter clients and tournament teams the best possible chance to perform. That being said, the companies that we do represent are by our choice because we know first-hand that the products work!


If you would like to learn more please check out our informational section which includes articles about charter fishing Lake Ontario including some of the reasons for what we do, how we do, and why we do it. You may also visit our contact page for further information, especially if you have any further questions. If we may be so bold, you are also encouraged to visit the rest of the site to see further what we are all about. Thank you for taking the time to visit with us here on the web and we hope that if you do decide to go fishing that you choose a Lake Ontario fishing charter with Ace Charters.

We also offer Hudson River Fishing Charters during late April through Memorial Day!