Choosing the right fishing leader when fishing Lake Ontario can make all the difference in the world when it comes to generating bites. Not only is it species specific, but is also seasonal as well. In this post, we will discuss what we have found best for trophy Steelhead and Brown Trout as well as King salmon. Lets get started.

Line Diameter Matters

Those of you that know me know that I prefer the lightest line possible to get the job done. Line diameter typically coincides with pound test or breaking strength. That being said, when running lighter line, the right equipment has to go along with it. Rods with the right action and reels with silky smooth drags are a must. Reel capacity must also be taken into consideration when lite lining kings. Enough line to cover long blistering runs typical of cold water kings should be considered.

Line Suppleness

Often overlooked, the suppleness of the fishing line or lack of softness of it matters. When running spoons, experience has shown us that softer or more supple line works best at slower speeds. The softer line allows the spoons to kick more because of the flexibility of the line. This is especially true for Brown trout as they react better to spoons that kick at the slower speeds they prefer, later in the season. Our preferred choice for supple line is P-line Floroclear.

Choosing the right leader such as P-line

Using Straight Florocarbon

We use straight or pure florocarbon as well. But as you may have figured out by now, pure florocarbon is much stiffer. Our preferred application is for dipsey leaders, copper leaders for attractors, and fly tying. We also use it on our own twinkie rigs, too! We use Atommik twinkies almost exclusively but we tie our own set-ups with 40lb test Ande Floro with Tommy’s flies. When running clean meat rigs, we use both pure floro and coated P-Line depending on the type of heads we are running and size of the bait being used.

Floro For Steelhead And Kings

When choosing the right fishing leader, certain circumstances will dictate running pure floro carbon. This is especially true for running spoons at fast speeds. The most common appliction is when we fish for steelhead. Steelies typically like a faster trolling speed. Early season salmon also do, too! This is when the stiffer, pure floro carbon shines. We prefer Ande pure florocarbon. Being stiffer, it allows for more speed to be carried before the spoons spin out and lose their kick.

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