“Crank don’t yank” was a catch phrase we’ve been using the last couple of seasons aboard Ace Charters. Zach Rayno coined the term a few years back and we’ve been using it ever since. Let me explain!

Inevitably, it happens on just about every Lake Ontario charter boat I know. It goes like this. The rod goes off, the mate or I grab the rod and hand it to the client. The client then, for reasons unbenounced to me, begins yanking on the rod like he was on Bassmasters TV. Crank don’t yank! Why are you yanking on the rod?

Crank don't yank for fishing success

Why All The Yanking

We often ask clients why they’re yanking on the rods like they do. The most frequent response we get is “to set the hook”. This is where it can get complicated. There is only one apparatus on our vessel where a hook set is neccessary and that is, the downrigger bites. We have articles written on proper technique handling rigger bites that addresses this particular situation. It’s for the most part the only circumstance where a hook set is required when trolling Lake Ontario.

Problems Arise

In the first place, one of the problems that arise from all of this, is that other rod set-ups do not require a hook set . In fact, employing a hook set creates detrimental effects with either pulled hooks,straightened hooks or breaking off of the fish. All of which are undesirable.

No Need To Be Yanking

Secondly, once a fish is hooked and up and running, further hook sets are not required for the same reasons listed above. Bad things will happen. For you see, set ups such as dipsey and copper lines inherently have no stretch by design. Any undo stress placed upon these lines once they are under load with a fish attached to them, could leed to brake offs.

So when you hear a mate or Captain yelling out “crank don’t yank”, it would do you well to follow their advice! Just crank the reel handle and do your best to keep the line tight with a good bend in the rod. After all, it’s always fun to batlle fish and even more so to succesfully land them.

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