Fishing Charters

  • Lake Ontario Fishing Charters

    We run our Lake Ontario Charters out of Oswego, NY for trophy trout and salmon starting in early June and on through to September. Beginning in June, trophy trout fishing for both Lakers and Browns is typical for that time of the year. Monster fish weighing in the teens are quite common. The port of Oswego boasts one of the shortest runs to deep water of all the Lake Ontario fishing ports making for short quick runs to good fishing.

    "Fishing ChartersHudson River Fishing Charters We run our Hudson River Charters out of Coeyman’s Landing Marina located just about 10 miles south of Albany, NY. Centrally located in the heart of exceptional striper breeding waters makes for exceptional striped bass fishing. Trophy size breeding class sea run stripers are our targets. We fish for them near the end of April through around Memorial day. Stripers in excess of 20lbs. are typical with some specimens exceeding 30 lbs. or better.

    Hudson River fishing charters


    • Lake Ontario King Salmon Charters

      are our pride and joy during the months of July – September. We can be found fishing up to seven days a week for the mighty king. July fishing is typically more of an offshore fishery. As September nears, we can be found fishing closer to shore as the kings stage.

    • Lake Ontario Brown Trout Charters

      When the charters for salmon are tough or the weather and wind won’t allow us to go offshore, Lake Ontario Brown trout fishing will usually save the day. In fact, during the month of June, many of our clients book one of our charters just to target and catch them.Browns weighing in the mid to upper teens can be quite common this time of year.

      Fishing charters for brown trout

      Lake Ontario Brown trout fishing charters







    Lake Ontario Steelhead  Charters

    Our Lake Ontario steelhead charters are for those that wish to challenge the nomadic nature of our “IronHeads”. This fishery can be hit or miss due in part to the steelheads nomadic nature and/or water temperatures and wind direction. The main ingredient for good steelhead fishing is surface temperature breaks if and when they are present.

    Lake Ontario Lake Trout Charters

    See our fishing charter prices and our article, Preparing For Your Fishing Charter for further information in helping you to decide on a future trip or to book your trip with us. You can also call me anytime at 413-346-7675 with any questions you may have or to check on fishing conditions and what we are targeting at any given time.