Lake Ontario Charter Captain Jimmy Samia


Lake Ontario Charter Captain Jimmy Samia

US Coast Guard Licensed and Insured

Lake Ontario Charter Captain Jimmy Samia

One of the most highly recognized Lake Ontario charter captains is Captain Jimmy Samia from Ace Charters. Captain Jimmy has been fishing the waters of Lake Ontario since he was old enough to hold a pole. He has been a very successful licensed US Coast Guard captain for over 26 years. Jimmy holds a bachelors of science degree cum laude in Natural Resource Studies. Jimmy has always placed an emphasis upon fisheries and wildlife which has helped him to become much more aware of his surroundings both aquatic and terrestrial. One might say that the pursuit of charter fishing is a personal passion that he has been training for his entire life. Our Lake Ontario charter captain has been featured on outdoor TV shows which included Outdoors with Bob Coker, Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine, and also New York Outdoors TV Show as seen on the Sportsman Channel and Versus.

Family Fishing Fun

Ace Charters and Captain Jimmy put a special emphasis on providing a family friendly fishing charter. That means that your safety and a pleasurable experience will always come first. Jimmy is a patient teacher and wants to be able to count on every client returning again and again as well as sending their friends. If you know of a way that we can improve our service to you please don’t hesitate to let us know. But don’t let that friendly smile fool you. Jimmy also has a reputation of always being on the fish and he has a tournament record to prove it.

Lake Ontario Fishing Tournaments

To my valued clients-starting in 2015 Ace Charters will only be fishing in locally held tournaments and with charter clients, only if it is the wish of our charter clients to do so. Otherwise, we will just fish charters the way they are supposed to be fished and that is, for fun! Although we have thoroughly enjoyed fishing these prestigious Lake Ontario tournaments both here and in Canada in the past, our first responsibility and as it should be, is to our clients. Tournament fishing has been taking far too much time away from our charter fishing opportunities that should be spent with you, our clients and which we would much rather do. We have loads of fun when charter fishing and no pressure will or should ever be put on our clients to perform! It is our feeling that if you are not having fun charter fishing with us, then we’re doing it wrong!!! It is also our belief that are past tournament record reflects well upon our past performances and expertise. That being said, performing well in tournaments creates pressures and expectations that inexperienced or novice anglers can not comprehend nor should they have to. It can also cause some charter captains and mates to expect too much out of their clients and set the tone for a high pressure and tense trip that is anything but fun. We promise you that this will NEVER happen on our vessel while you are fishing with us. Remember our motto “If your not having fun fishing, we’re doing it wrong!”


  • 2nd place Niagara Pro-Am Classic
  • 2nd Place Niagara Pro-Am Trophy
  • 2nd Place Oak Orchard Open
  • 2nd Place Lake Wide Cup
  • 4th Place Oswego Pro-Am
  • 9th Place Canadian Titelines Shootout Toronto


  • 2nd place Big Fish Friday Atomik Invitational
  • 2nd place Canadian Tite Lines Shootout Bluffer’s Park Toronto, CN
  • 13th place Atomik Invitational (paid 15 places)
  • 2nd place Lake Ontario Pro -Am (Lake Wide Cup)
  • 7th place Lake Ontario Pro-Am Oswego
  • 1st place Canadian St. Catharines’ Biggest Fish (see trophy below on page)
  • 3rd place Atommik Challenge
  • 3rd place Lake Ontario Pro-Am Best of the West Cup
  • 2nd place Oak Orchard Pro-Am
  • 5th place Niagra Pro-Am

2012 and Before

  • Winner 2012 Fat Nancy’s Shootout – Lake Ontario
  • Winner 2012 Classic Division Lake Ontario Pro-Am
  • Second Place 2012 Classic Division Lake Ontario Pro-Am Trophy Division
  • Third place in the 2012 First Annual Chad Gehrig’s All Ladies Tournament
  • Grand prize fall LOC brown trout division winner
  • Winner youth division triple crown overall largest king salmon
  • Winner largest king salmon Fairhaven challenge
  • Winner biggest fish of the day fall LOC king salmon
  • Winner top 20 Loc king salmon final
  • Two top ten finishes Lake Ontario King of the Lake Pro-Am Overall Pro Division
  • Several top 5 finishes pro division Lake Ontario Pro-Am
  • Two top 5 finishes Canadian sponsored Scotty “King of the Lake” $20,000 salmon tournaments
  •  3rd place biggest king salmon Scotty St. Catharines

Hudson River Fishing Tournaments

  • Grand Prize winner Yanni’s ll StriperTournament
  • Several top three finishes at Yanni’s

Captain Jimmy is an expert charter fishing captain and is knowledgeable in all phases and styles of fishing on the Great Lakes. From casting to trolling for species like king salmon, Captain Jim knows what techniques to use and when to use them to ensure his charter customers have the best chance and advantage possible to catch fish. Check out our previous fishing reports and you will quickly see that if you want to guarantee the best catch than go with Ace Charters.   St. Catharine's Scotty Tournament Big Fish Award Trophy