How do you find quality charters when there are so many to choose from? When looking for a fishing charter there are always several options. How can you tell the difference between the pros and the pretenders? Here’s a few tips from a seasoned veteran out of Oswego, New York on Lake Ontario fishing charters and how to choose them.

Find quality charters for a nice catch of lake ontario kings

What to Look For

  • The captain must have experience dealing with both novice and experienced anglers of all ages and gender. (Captain Ace has a graduate teaching background from MCLA college in Middle School Mathematics.)
  • A fishing charter captain must be well versed in fishing for all species especially when the target species is not readily available.
  • The captain must be well respected among his peers and have a network of professionals to work with on a daily basis.
  • If the captain of a fishing charter has a tournament background with a good track record all the better. It proves he knows how to compete with the best. Read our further thoughts on tournament fishing!
  • Equipment must be top notch so as not to fail at the moment of truth. Quality electronics are a must both for safety and finding and staying on fish.
  • Check to see past success of his previous clients in derbies and other contests.
  • Peruse their photo gallery to see past successful clients
  • Does their photo gallery contain pictures of families and children such as yours?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • How many trips do they do a year?
  • Do they have a reputation for catching fish?
  • How reliable is their charter boat?

Ask Questions And Concerns

When trying to find quality charters, don’t be afraid to ask questions or state your concerns about a possible trip. How quickly does the Captain respond. Does he sound believable and down to earth. Does he sound honest. At this point I would sound the alarm if he or she promisses the world, like limit catches all the time. It’s fishing! Mother Nature influences outcomes that are beyond control of Captains. What are the refund policies if a trip gets cancelled due to weather.

Self Sustaining Charters

We recommend choosing charters that stand on their own and do not use booking agencies. Self sustaining charters that do their own sportsmen shows or rank well on the internet such as google, do not need to use booking agencies to get trips! Through hard work, a good reputation, and many years of experience, reputable charters have no need to use booking agencies. They stand on their own.

If you have any questions , feel free to contact us at 413-346-7675 or via our contact form with any of the questions you may have . We will be happy to answer them. If you would like to book a trip please call 413-346-7675 or feel free to use our contact form as well!


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