Preparing For Your Fishing Charter

Preparing for your fishing charter can be paramount to success.After all,  Lake Ontario charter fishing trips are supposed to be fun. To ensure that is so, if you are considering joining us as an angler you should make a few prior preparations which we will delve into with this article. Many years of chartering and observing both successful and some not so successful clients have led to some insights as to how you can prepare.

My experience has been that the leading cause to not having a good time on a Lake Ontario fishing charter is motion sickness (often called seasickness). If you are prone to seasickness or you are not sure that you are, there are measures that you can take to make sure that you won’t get sick. There are several over-the-counter medications that you could take to combat the onset of the affliction. Dramamine is a very popular name brand that comes to mind. There are non-drowsy formulas available. This medication works for a lot of people, but unfortunately not everyone.

Prepare For Sea Sickness With Skopalomine Patches

The most successful of all seasickness medications that I have observed clients use are Skopolamine patches. These are prescription medications that a doctor would have to issue to you. The patch is worn behind the ear on the skin and dispenses the medicine as a transdermal (through the skin). They should be placed on your head behind your ear 24 hours prior to your departure. Skopolamine patches are said to last up to five days! Check out our related blog post!

Sea Sickness From Alcohol

Another “self-inflicted” cause of sea-sickness has to do with over consumption of alcohol prior to the advent of your trip. Being on a Lake Ontario charter fishing trip while hung-over is no fun at all. I have seen it enough times to know that that person probably wishes that he or she wasn’t even there!  Who wants to pay money to be miserable?

Prepare With Proper Attire

Preparing For Your Fishing Charter includes sea sick meds

Another way to prepare for your Lake Ontario fishing charter is to dress properly from head to toe. As a general rule, it always feels about ten degrees cooler on the water. Also note, that early in the morning it will be a lot cooler until the sun comes up. Keep this in mind when choosing your apparel. It is always a good idea to dress in layers. This way you can always take things off as the day begins to warm. You could always put them into a medium size duffle bag. You did bring something to put your extra close in, didn’t you? Although on our charter boat you can always get out of the elements and into a heated cabin, it is a good idea to bring some raingear with you as well.

Items To Bring In Preparation

In further preparing for your fishing charter, a list of a few more must haves include sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, soft soled shoes, and a pair of gloves if it going to be really chilly out. If you plan on bringing something to eat or drink (and you should) a medium size cooler would be in order. Please make sure that all drinks are in cans and not bottles. It is too easy for glass to fall and break while you are on a boat. I know you can imagine the ramifications of that happening. Most of our successful clients also bring a larger cooler that they either leave at the docks or in their vehicle to pack their catch away on ice for the journey home.

Polarized sunglassesA Lake Ontario fishing charter can be one of the most exciting and fun things for a family or group of friends to do. Here at Ace Charters we pride ourselves at being a family oriented business dedicated to showcasing what the Lake Ontario world class fishery has to offer. It is always an absolute pleasure for us to watch and help youngsters catch and land their first big Lake Ontario king salmon or brown trout. It’s fun for us to watch adults catch them, too!

Participation is Encouraged

On our fishing charters we take the position that the clients come first. By this we mean that your enjoyment and success is of utmost importance. We also want, if you so desire, to be as active as you would like on your charter fishing trip. We encourage you to be as hands on as you feel comfortable with from setting lines to landing fish. Questions are always welcome. Remember, we want you to have a good time and thoroughly enjoy yourselves. We want you to come back and fish with us for many years to come!

If you follow the above recommendations in preparing for your fishing charter, you will be well on your way to getting the most out of your fish catching experience. If you have any questions or would like to make any further suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our e-mail, phone number, or blog. We sincerely welcome your feedback!

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