Fishing tips for Lake Ontario are just the thing for upping your big water trolling technique. In this post, we will share links to handy web pages and forums focused on tips and tricks for Lake Ontario fishing. Big water fishing requires a specific set of skills to get the job done. This certainly leads to a better fishing experience overall for most outings.

Use Fishing tips for Lake Ontario to catch kings like these

Ace Charters Fishing Info And Techniques

Our website includes a fishing and info tips page loaded with articles derived from our daily charters. These articles are specific to trolling Lake Ontario and its methods. Our tips page also includes tackle selection and set ups, line choices, fishing reel drag tuning, and the like. Also included are links to pages explaining fish fighting techniques, where to find fish, and how to catch them. Our info and tips page is a compiliation of decades of big water trolling experience in the real world of Lake Ontario fishing from a full time charter captain!

Ace Charters Blog

Check out our blog! With over four decades of fishing the “Big Pond” both for hire and recreationally with some of the best in the business, our blog presents this expertise and insights for all to take advantage of. Here’s one of our posts for rigging cutbait

Fishing Forums For The Great Lakes

There are several fishing forums on the internet specific to trolling the Great Lakes for trout and salmon along with other fish species. Around for many years, these fishing forums are contributed to by both recreational fishermen and charter captains alike. The first of which comes to mind is Lake Ontario United for which I’ve been a member for several years. It’s a great place to get up to date tackle and fishing reports. Great Lakes Angler also is a good place to look for Lake Ontario fishing related articles. US Angler at has a very extensive list. Last and certainly not least, is the Great Lakes fisherman forum. It not only includes Lake Ontario but Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes, too!

Up Your Game

If you’re looking to up your game and put more fish in the boat, the links presented in this post will go a long way in getting you there. Using the Lake Ontario fishing tips available through these links provided in your fishing expeditions, will certainly help to make you a better fisherman.