Welcome to our fishing info and tips page. Capt. Jimmy is considered to be a leading expert on fishing Lake Ontario’s many species as well as Hudson River’s exciting yearly striper run and has decided to share some fishing info and tips which are derived from his Lake Ontario and Hudson River striper fishing experience. For more great tips and information or the ability to join in our discussions, feel free to visit Capt. Jimmy’s [BLOG].

                                             Fishing Info and Tips Articles

 Getting Ready For Your Lake Ontario Fishing Charter

 Prepping For the Hudson River Striper Season

 Equipment, Knowledge, and Execution (The Triad of Tournament Success

 2012 Hudson River Striper Fishing Reports and Journal

 How to Keep Those Waterfleas Off!

 Importance of Reel Capacity

 Key to Using Flasher Flies in Trolling for King Salmon

 Lake Ontario Fishing With Copper Set-Ups

 Copper Set-Up Maintenance and Repair

 Do You Know Where Your Stuff (Lures & Baits) Are Running?

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 Thoughts on Fighting Fish (Part One)

 Thoughts on Fighting Fish (Part Two)

 Matching the Hatch Through Understanding

 How to fight stripers

 Finding Quality Fishing Charters

 Best Time to Fish Lake Ontario for Trout and Salmon

 Using the Fishhawk TD on Lake Ontario


Using Capt. Jimmy's fishing info and tips, even the girls angle up catches like these!