Hudson River Fishing Charters 2018 Report

Here’s our Hudson River fishing charters 2018 report at the conclusion of what turned out to be a halfway decent season. We had many successful clients over the 24 days or so of fishing the Hudson river out of Coeyman’s NY. Below are pictures of clients and friends who fished with us during 2018.

The weather had an influence on the striper migration this year into the Hudson river for sure. Typically, when the River temperatures hit 48 degrees in Long Island Sound, 7-10 days we will have fishable numbers here in our area near Albany,NY. What happened this year is that the River warmed up to 48 degrees for around three days. But, it then dipped back into the 45 degree range and stalled the run.

Talking to other Capts. along the River, there were many larger fish located in the Poughkeepsie,NY area. These fish would have normally come up river to us if the temperatures had remained over 48 degrees. We did get some of the larger adult fish but not in the quantities we are accustomed to. We did, however, have a larger than normal amount of schoolie sized striped bass. These fish were in the 18-27″ range and provided quite a battle on lite tackle that we use here at Ace Charters.

We did manage to capture two stripers over 40″ this season. Congratulations to Tom Dobbins with this 40.5″

40.5" striper caught by Tom Dobbins

Also, Adrian Scantleberry with his 41″ 31lb striped bass hog

Adrian scantleberry with 41" striped bass



Once again, a big thank you to all my clients and friends that made this 2018 season a memorable and successful one. We are on our way to lake Ontario to start our Trophy trout and salmon season out of Oswego,NY. You can contact us here for more info or check us out at