Here’s are June 2020 pre-fish report. Notice that I said pre-fish. Due to the Corona Virus and Governor Cuomo’s Pause act, charter fishing on Lake Ontario as well as the Hudson River have been locked down.The good news is that we can now go fishing.

Our first Lake Ontario fishing trip is now scheduled for June 6th. It would have been May 30th, but due to the virus, this was cancelled. Our schedule was supposed to go like this. Our Hudson River striper trips were to start April 24th and to continue to near Memorial Day! Being in the Capital Region of NY, chartering and guiding was put to a halt and not allowed to open until striper season was basically over.

June 2020 pre fish report

Are area of Lake Ontario based in Oswego, NY got the go ahead to open after May 15th!. Many of our earlier booked clients come from states tha are still locked down, even as of now as I write this and were forced to cancel ! Given all this, we are now getting ready to go. The boat is going in the water June 2nd.

We have been in constant contact with those that have been fishing on Lake Ontario both charters and recreational fishermen. There have been some good days for trophy brown trout and also spring kings. From May into June, due to the constant south and east winds, the fishing has slowed somewhat. The good news is that westerly and northerly winds will be returning by this weekend and continuing for several days. Along with the drop in ambient air temperatures and relief from the heat, good fishing should return.

The fish that have been caught, especially the brown trout have been predominately 2 and 3 year olds ranging in weight from 5-15 lbs. The fishing should only get better. Alewives, the predominate forage fish in the Lake will be coming into the shallower waters to spawn. Most if not all of the predator fish know this. With the right temperatures and the congregation of bait fish, it”s the makings of a perfect storm for anglers.

We hope you enjoyed this June 2020 pre-fish report . We have June 10th and 17th still available if you’re interested in getting in on some of the best trophy brown trout fishing Lake Ontario and Oswego,NY have to offer!