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Hello everyone and welcome to my new Lake Ontario fishing charters blog. It is here that I would like to share with you my thoughts and experiences on charter fishing Lake Ontario and what it takes to be successful. Communication with other Lake Ontario fishing charters and recreational fishermen provides a basis for increasing knowledge and making us all better fisherman.

I am often asked what is my best lure for subduing Lake Ontario King Salmon as well as  other salmonids. Do you know what my answer always is? It’s my cell phone! Having a network of both professional and recreational fisherman who pry the waters of Lake Ontario to converse with at any given time about Lake conditions and fish location can make a huge and vast lake  much more manageable. I have been fortunate enough to meet and often fish with some of the best big water fisherman on the planet. I have met fisherman from both the United States and Canada who share the same passion as I have for chasing and catching Lake Ontario salmonids throughout the summer months.

It is my sincerest hope that this blog can turn into something really special where we can share information both about fishing techniques, locations, and contact information so that we can all be able to go just about anywhere on Lake Ontario and be successful in pursuing what we all love to do.

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We welcome any and all questions as well as feedback on any of our articles.

Capt. Jimmy Samia

Lake Ontario Fishing Charters Blog

Now this is success!