Lake Ontario Fishing Observation

I thought that  I would blog this  as an observation that may be of great help to my fellow fishermen. Several times in the last few weeks I have observed a common pattern exhibited by my Lake Ontario salmon quarry. The fish that are suspended over deeper water seem much more  willing to bite than the fish that are suspended over more shallower water. Let me explain.

On a typical morning I will head out in the dark with my eye kept diligently on my fishfinder looking for prospective targets, all be it, king salmon. When I happen to see what I am looking for I will shut down and proceed to to fish for them. These fish are usually suspended over shallower depths as they are the first fish that I see on my way out to deeper depths.Sometimes they bite, especially in the low light of early morning but on some mornings they just won’t. I have worked these fish by changing direction and speed in hopes of getting them to take my offerings.On more than one occasion I have wasted a lot of time doing this only to head out to deeper water in hopes of finding new targets. When I have headed out deeper the fish I have encountered have been much more willing to co-operate and bite.

This phenomenon of these deeper suspended fish being more willing to play has happened on more than one occasion, In fact, it has happened several times.It has happened so much so that I will no longer wait on the fish that I see in the shallower water.Yes I will make a pass or two on the first fish that I see but if they do not bite I have adjusted my strategy to immediatly move out to deeper water in hopes of finding more active fish.It has been working quite well as of late.