Lake Ontario fishing photos

I have since taken over the handling of my own website and have discovered a few mishaps that need correcting, my Lake Ontario fishing photos page being one of them. It seems that Google prefers titles to use hyphens instead of underscores. From what I have read, using underscores dictates that an exact phrase match must be used, while using hyphens allows partial or all of the keyword phrase to be used and is better for seo.

If you have a chance please check out our lake Ontario fishing photos page which is chuck full of pictures featuring our successful clients and their fish. We have several years of pictures including many of king salmon that are over thirty pounds using our proven methods year after year. As you can see as you peruse the fishing photos, we have a significant number of women and children that have captured some real trophies while charter fishing with us.

Lake Ontario Fishing Photos

Dr. Dave Trachlenbergs award winning Lake Ontario king salmon

Here at Ace Charters, we pride ourselves at being one of the best family friendly oriented fishing businesses on the Great Lakes. Many of our families return year after year to enjoy the world class fishery that Lake Ontario has to offer as evidenced by seeing some of the same familiar faces time after time in our Lake Ontario fishing photos.

We are also looking forward to another successful season on Lake Ontario chasing king salmon and other species such as Brown and Lake Trout, Steelhead, or even the occasional Atlantic. Our lake Ontario fishing photos page has numerous examples of these magnificent species and as always, we are always looking to add more through our clients’ success. You can check out our main website at or if you would like to see some of our methods on how we catch  these fish, you can check out fishing info and tips section.