Here is our Lake Ontario fishing report for 2019. From June 1st through September 7th, 2019 we attempted to fish every day weather permitting. There was a mix of both morning and afternoon trips that we fished. In this post we will summarize by months what and how we did.

June Brown Trout Fishing

Our first trip for brown trout started June 1st and it did not disappoint. There were browns to be had along with some quality 3 yr olds in the mix. Limit catches were quite common, as well. Fishing in as little as 10 feet of water was key. Stick-baits and spoons were the go to baits. Trolling speeds of 2.2 to 2.4 thru water produced the best for us. When fishing this shallow, our down speed probe isn’t used.

As June progressed we found ourselves fishing in 15-17 ft of water. Again, sticks and spoons did the trick. Speeds remained the same, although there were a few days when they wanted it faster. The flat lined sticks off the boards were deadly in the low light.

Towards the end of June, brown trout as well as king salmon were available to target. As some of our clients requested, we would make a few passes for browns in tight and then slide out for kings. As is usual this time of year, while fishing for browns, we also caught steelhead, lakers, and domestic rainbows.

A few highlights of our Lake Ontario fishing report 2019 must in include mention of Clark Stone, and a young 14 year old we nicknamed “Big Fish Little T”.

Lake Ontario Fishing Report 2019
Clark Stone 3rd place fish and 3rd biggest brown trout
big fish little t with 14 lb brown
Taber Witchell aka “Big Fish Little T” With His 14lb Oswego Brown
4 yr. old holding 9lb domestic rainbow
Big Fish Little T With His 9 Lb Domestic Rainbow

Lake Ontario July Fishing 2019

July fishing was superb. Year after year, July proves itself to be one of the most productive months for quality and quantity of king salmon catches. When the kings shut down due to inclement weather or huge temperature changes, brown trout can still be had. There is always something biting in July. The weather is usually very pleasant as well.

This past July 2019 did however, present its challenges. Every trip out was different and had to be adjusted for. The temperature profile kept changing with the changing wind directions. One day we would be fishing down 50 ft and the next day down 100 ft in the column. Use of the Fishhawk X4D proved invaluable dialing in on temperature location. Our biggest fish of the season happened to be caught this year in July and weighed out officially at 27.40 pounds!

caught in July
Jim Wallace With His July Caught 27.40 lb King Salmon

Lake Ontario August Fishing 2019

August fishing on Lake Ontario out of Oswego, NY although challenging, was still quite productive. Through out the season, it seemed that the Lake was at least two weeks behind in setting up. Normally, in July, we fish offshore in deeper water. This year, fishing was good offshore in August. Problem was, wind speeds and directions, precluded us from going offshore many times during the week. Therefore, we found ourselves fishing for what we like to call the “grind”, or “grinding it”.

Kings are supposed to set up and stage during August outside river mouths in anticipation of fall spawning. This year, it was very sporadic both in numbers and locations of fish. Where we found fish one day, they were not there the next. Once we found them, we would make continuing passes over there location in hopes of enticing them to bite. Hence, “grinding it”!

Grinding it out fr staging kings dark in color
Grinding It For Kings

Lake Ontario Fishing September 2019

September fishing was a continuation of August fishing tactics. There was still an offshore bite when you could get there or, you could stay in tight and grind it. As is typical in September, increased wind speeds kept us off the water with small craft advisories more than we would have liked.

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