I have been fishing every day for striped bass on the Hudson so it has been difficult to find the time to sit down and write. Due to a last minute cancellation I am trying to catch up on my writings. Just a few weeks back our team, “The East Coast Boys” was fortunate enough to win the big fish award for the weekend long Scotty King of the Lake Series on Lake Ontario out of the port of St. Catharines in Canada. For our efforts we were rewarded a 42″ flat screen TV which we now have to figure out how to split four ways among out team mates. LOL!!!

Over all it was a very tough tournament with many boats not catching many Lake Ontario salmon at all. The top team for the two days had only caught 9 total fish with the daily limit being five. I will be finishing up our Hudson River striper fishing commitments around May 24th and we will be heading to the western end of Lake Ontario out of the port of Wilson in preparation for the upcoming Lake Ontario Pro-Am series.