Lake Ontario trolling etiquette is perhaps one of the most important ingredients to a stress free and productive outing on the Big Pond. In this post we will discuss some of the do’s and don’ts while trolling the Lake.

Be Courteous

Being courteous goes a long way towards enjoying your outing while trolling among other boats. As the season progresses more and more towards fall, the Lake becomes more and more congested. Because of this, the amount of water available to troll shrinks dramatically! If you pay attention, you will notice a pattern to the other boats direction of troll. If you must be encompassed by all the other trollers, do at least try to go the same direction. Troll with the flow.

Lake Ontario Trolling Etiquette produces more fish like these.

Anticipate Maneuvers

Anticipation is key to staying out of trouble and ruining either your day or another boaters. It never ceases to amaze me how stubborn fishermen can get! Some feel like the own the Lake. They will not alter course for anybody. Sooner or later, it’s going to lead to trouble. Is it really worth it to be that arrogant?

Avoid Collisions

Personally, we go out of our way to avoid other vessels. In fact, USCG regulations require boaters to avoid collisions at all cost. Why would you want to get that close to another boat anyways? The other boat may have long lines and boards out. It happens every year. Inevitably, one boat runs over another boats gear. Its happened to us more than once.

Give Way When Needed

If you see people on the back of their boat waving at you to turn, why not just turn. Most likely, they have a fish on or boards out, and are restricted in maneuverability. Remember, the next time around it could be you looking for other boats to give you the room you need. What goes around, comes round. A little Lake Ontario trolling etiquette can pay huge dividends when the favor needs to be returned!

Tips For Less Stressful Fishing

Here are a few tips that will make you trips more enjoyable and lower your stress level. 1st. Never turn and cut behind another trolling vessel unless you are absolutely sure you will clear their long lines or a stretched out fish behind their boat. 2nd. You are responsible for the lines trolled out behind your boat. If you cut in front of another vessel and drag your lines in front of them, you can kiss you lines good by. 3rd, it is never a good idea to parallel another boat for too long as you restrict their maneuverability as well as your own.

Use Your Radio

It helps big time if you have a VHF radio tuned into the popular channel being used by the bulk of boats fishing the area your in. Most of the more experienced guys will be talking to each other. A boat may be hooked up or fighting a fouled hooked fish and need some space. A boat may need you to move so that he may avoid an anticipated conflict with another vessel.

Common Sense

A little common sense and courtesy works wonders making for a much more enjoyable day. Employing Lake Ontario trolling etiquette goes a long way towards trolling success, as well as making friends. If everyone worked more towards congeniality instead of flat out rudeness, just think how much more nicer it could be!

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