Lake Ontario Fishing Experience

The Lake Ontario fishing experience is enjoyed by literally millions of anglers each and every year both in the United States and Canada. Even though it is the smallest of the Five Great Lakes, Lake Ontario boast one of the largest biomass of landlocked Pacific strain trout and salmon in the world. The Lake Ontario fishing experience takes place here.There are literally several million fish that inhabit this lake and grow to humongous trophy size proportions. It’s no wonder that over 1.5 billion dollars is spent annually by anglers pursuing these trophy fish. It is also estimated that there are over 21 million fishing trips taken annually on Lake Ontario as well.

So what makes the  Lake Ontario fishing experience such a phenomenon? One of the main reasons may not be just the fishing. Lake Ontario is said to be like a “fresh water ocean”. One only has to look out over the vast expanse of open water to see just how massive this lake really is. It’s approximately 65 miles across at its widest and over a 175 miles at its longest, far wider or longer than one could see across to the other shore. So just being able to get out on a body of water this big to actually go fresh water fishing is a feat in and to itself. You can actually get out far enough on Lake Ontario to not be able to see the shore in a 360 degree circle.

The species available to fish for on Lake Ontario are vast. Besides the Pacific strain trout and salmon that are available to fish for, an angler can also have the choice to go after warmer water indigenous  species such as large and small  mouth bass, walleye, yellow perch, crappie, bluegills and other assorted panfish. There are millions of fish swimming around in Lake Ontario.

The big draw of course to Lake Ontario fishing is the trophy trout and salmon that are available to angle for in the lake. There are many professional Lake Ontario Fishing charters that are available for hire to chase the diverse species of fish that inhabit the lake Ontario ecosystem. It is often recommended for first time anglers to hire a charter to go out onto the lake and see how to fish it. There are also many message boards available for those that like to go it on their own using their own equipment and vessels. Some of the more popular message boards are Great Lakes Angler, Lake Michigan Angler, and Lake Ontario United. Each of the forums are chuck full of useful great Lakes fishing information and can cut the big water learning curve in half.

So as you can see, the Lake Ontario fishing experience is a big deal both in terms of biological diversification in fish species, individual angler use, and a huge contributor to both the local and regional economies. Enjoyed by people of all ages and from around the world, fishing on Lake Ontario is something to behold and should be tried by as many people as possible.Just think, the next time a rod goes off on lake Ontario, it could be a new world record coming from the “Fresh Water Ocean”and you just caught it!

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