There are many Lake Ontario tournaments available to participate in along the shores of Lake Ontario both in the United States and Canada. Here at Ace Charters, we have competed in most of these events in both countries. We have decided to compile a list of all the Lake Ontario tournaments that are presently being held on the “Big Pond”.

The Scotty King of Kings is perhaps the most prestigious team tournament championship event held in Canada. It consists of a spring and a summer event and is by invitation only.

Lake Ontario tournaments

Scotty King of Kings Tournament

First place prize money in the spring event is $20,000.00 with a $1000.00 entry fee.The summer event boasts a $40,000.00 first place payout with a $2000.00 entry fee. It is held out of Bluffers Park Marina in Scarborough, Toronto,Ca, Our Ace Charters pro team has managed a 2nd place and 8th place finish in four tries over a two year period.

One of the biggest Lake Ontario Tournaments held here in the states is the Wilson Harbor Invitational held out of Wilson,NY. As the name states, it is by invitation only. The “wee” as it is locally called, boasts one of the highest payouts of all the tournaments that are held in the states. There is a big fish Friday, sponsored by Atommik Trolling flies which pays three places and 1k for first place. Top 15 teams of the one day Saturday event will cash as well with the top prize in excess of 10k depending on the number of entries. There is an awards ceremony with a sit down dinner included in the entry fee. There is also a dress code that applies for the function as well. For more info you can check out This event takes place during the middle of May and conflicts with our striper fishing season on the Hudson River so we have never had the privilege to participate.

The Atommik Invitational was created by non other than Tom Allen, a well known fisherman and fly company owner. Tom has done a tremendous amount for the Lake Ontario fishery and the participation of tournament anglers in his sponsored event is testament to that affect. Depending on the number of teams entered, cash prizes in excess of 12k can be expected. This tournament pays down to 15 places as well. There is also a 1k a day  big fish tournament leading up to the event. For more info please check out   Of all the tournaments we have ever fished, this has been our toughest to do well in. We have only cashed once in the main event, but have done very well on big fish Fridays.

Another of the more popular and less expensive Lake Ontario tournaments to participate in is the It is actually made up of three events held from the ports of Oswego, Fairhaven, and The Little Salmon River. Each off these separate events typically draw huge numbers of boats and have very reasonable entry fees of less than a 100.00 dollars for both the main day events and the big fish Friday events as well.

Here at Ace Charters, we have changed our philosophy over the years to now only fish in Lake Ontario tournaments with our clients and only if they wish to do so. Lake Ontario tournaments can be very demanding both in time and money. For this reason, we will only be fishing tournaments out of our home port of Oswego. This does, however, give us the chance, if our clients so desire, to fish any or all of the Atommik triple crown series as these Lake Ontario tournaments can be fished from any port, including Oswego. Call us at 413-346-675 or email us at   to discuss dates.