Lake Ontario Steelhead Fishing Charters

Our Lake Ontario Steelhead Fishing Charters out of Oswego, New York have been known to save the day when the other salmonids give us the slip. But being very nomadic in nature, steelhead fishing in and of itself can be very challenging. Usually, the hardest part about steelhead fishing is just finding them.

Lake Ontario steelhead fishing charters

Although we have had clients that wish to specifically target steelhead during one of our Lake Ontario fishing charters, there are often more times than not that we end up targeting other species. In fact, most of our steelhead catches are either incidental to our brown trout or salmon charters. But, there have been exceptions.

For whatever reason, there will be days when schools of steelhead just happen to show up in the Oswego area. When this happens, we will specifically target them if our clients wish to do so. Spoons are often our first choice for getting steelhead bites. Our clients have also caught steelhead and large ones at that, on meat or Atommik fly rigs as well. We were not targeting steelhead when these bites occurred.

On our end of Lake Ontario, steelhead fishing can be hit or miss. This is the plain truth of the matter. It would be our recommendation that if one wanted to specifically target steelhead, that they should wait for the winter and early spring months and fish the tributaries. Keep in mind that according to the New York fishing regulations, the limit is only one per person.

In conclusion, although we have had several successful steelhead catches, being able to go out and specifically target them on any given day can turn out to be an effort in futility. It would be wise to keep this in mind. It is our recommendation that it is OK to go out and target steelhead on any given day as long as one realizes the challenges it can present. Being flexible and having a willingness to target other species could go a long way in filling the box with fish.