Lake Trout Fishing Charters

Our Lake Ontario Lake Trout Fishing Charters usually take place during the month of June. Water temperature dictates where they will be located and how we will fish for them. In early June, especially after a very cold winter, Lakers can be found out on the temperature breaks offshore suspended over deep water.

Lake Ontario Lake Trout Fishing Charters with Lakers and a king

Offshore Lake Trout and A bonus King took third place during the Ladies Cancer Tournament. King was biggest fish of the tourny.

When chasing suspended Lake Trout, our preferred method is to troll spoons on light lines off of downriggers. Found down 10-25 ft in the water column, Lake Trout will bite spoons quite readily. Large Lakers can be taken this way with some exceeding 20 lbs or more. They are a blast on lite tackle. Suspended cold water Lakers are the best fighting of all for that species.

Bouncing Bottom For Lake Trout

If there are no significant offshore temperature breaks available to exploit, then bottom bouncing with cowbells and peanuts is just the ticket. On the bottom in anywhere from 100 to over 200 ft of water is where bottom hugging Lake trout can be found. Bouncing down-rigger balls off the bottom and stirring up mud gets Lake trout biting. It is not uncommon to have the riggers firing as fast as you can put them down to the bottom when the bite is on.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to try one of our Lake Trout Fishing Charters during the month of June.  What’s nice is that we can also fish for Brown Trout as well during this time of the year doing a combined trip. Lake trout are considered bonus fish and do not count towards your three fish silver limit.

We also offer Lake Ontario fishing charters for other species as well. Our main page contains useful information and links to helpful articles to help you make an intelligent decision in booking your next charter on Lake Ontario.