Less is more! We’ve all heard that expression before. But how does that apply to Lake Ontario fishing, especially out of Oswego, NY. There are several aspects or concepts that make up “less is more”. These include but are not limited to, leadering down, fewer rods, and less obtrusive presentations.

Leadering Down

In a previous post, we discussed leadering down to trick line shy fish. Titled, “Choosing the right fishing leader for Lake Ontario“, we discussed the when and how to use it as well as, what to use. Using lighter line in effect, is using less line. Smaller diameter line puts less of a signature vortex or disturbance in the water. It also allows for more lure action!

Fewer Rods In The Spread

On days when the fish are in negative moods, “less is more”can tip the odds in your favor to generate bites. You know them days! Everyone is on the radio announcing they see fish but ain’t getting bit. If you fish Lake Ontario enough, this will inevitably happen to you. We have had success cutting back on rods in the spread, especially rigger rods. In fact, one of our biggest salmon ever was taken with just two spoon rods in the water! No divers or board rods, either! How many times have you gotten bit as soon as your first rod was deployed, and then starve out later after more rods are added!

Less is more to catch fish like these!
38.6lbs verified at Oswego Fish Station

Stealthier Presentations

Stealthier presentations have there place from time to time when the fish are negative or spooky. This goes for attractors when fishing meat, as well. We have noticed that just running two riggers with flasher flies or meat does much better than when three or four riggers are in the water. This is especially true with staging kings. We have even experimented with eliminating divers on one side to see if that side starts to get bit. You will be surprised at how many times this works.

Why Not Give It A Try

When you’re out there fishing and not getting bit, why not give the less is more approach a try. Less rods or stealthier applications sometimes streched out way behind the boat can be just the ticket to get bit when others are not. You may want to check out a previous post titled “The Best Lake Ontario Fishing Tip” for further enlightenment, if you havn’t already.

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