New items are being added to Ace Charters II this year that we are awfully exited about! Although they are not truly necessary to have, they will go a long way to adding to the enjoyment of an already fun experience! Although there is one item I’m sure that my first mate Jeff will appreciate when he fishes the Hudson River striper trips with me.

Electric Windlass

The first item that I’m sure Jeff will like, is an electric windlass. The specific windlass we are adding is the Lewmar Pro Series 1000 with remote control along with controlled up and down. For a good part of the Hudson River striper season, we fish off of anchor, almost daily. We also move a lot throughout the day as river conditions dictate to keep us on the fish. As you well may have guessed, having to haul an anchor up manually over several times a day gets quite physical. It’s also time consuming to do so. The windlass is just the ticket to combat this!

New Items being added to Ace Charters II include the Lewmar Windlass

It’s on our schedule this spring to install the Lewmar before we launch Ace Charters II. The work will take place at Coeymans landing marina and be done both by Jeff and myself. All the wiring and connectors have been purchased in anticipation. Plus, Jim Costello and the Coeymans Landing boat mechanics and shop are there should we run into trouble. It’s sure is great having them there!

Garmin Panoptics

The second big item we’re adding is the Garmin Panoptics system featuring the PS 30 transducer along with the Garmin 942 sv plus multifunction display. The panoptics system shows bait and fish in real time under and around the boat. The PS 30 also allows for internal transducer cone angle adjustment allowing baits,attractors,and fish to be displayed while trolling in real time behind the boat, especially on Lake Ontario fishing trips. We also plan on this install to be done at Coeymans during dry dock.

Livewell System

Last but not least, we will be installing a live well system on board, featuring a 40 gallon round livewell. The system also has a 1500 gph transom mounted livewell pump. It is easily removed via a quick detach mounting bracket. We will have to plumb it in along with intake and overflow hoses which we also aquired over the winter. It should prove to be a valuable addition to the vessel.

Spring is just around the corner and we are super exited to start our 2021 charter fishing season both on the Hudson River as well as the Big Pond. Let’s hope Mother Nature lets us get most of our trips in and she behave’s herself weather wise. Hope to see you all on the water, too!

If you have any questions , feel free to contact us at 413-346-7675 or via our contact form with any of the questions you may have . We will be happy to answer them. If you would like to book a trip please call 413-346-7675 or feel free to use our contact form as well!