New Items For Brown Trout

New items for brown trout is what this post will be about. We came across several new patterns and some custom made stick baits. We will include pictures and where to obtain them.

Smithwick Rattling Rogues

Thanks to Capt. Rich Hajecki, Fish USA is now carrying Smithwicks in some very popular Bay Rat colors, since Bay Rat is now out of business. These colors include; Ayu Killer, My Secret, Can’t Afford It, Ridin Dirty, and Citric Shad. Check out the photos below.

Rattling Rogue Ayu-KillerRattling Rogue My Secret


Rattling Rogue Riden Dirty


AllRattlin Rogue Citric ShadNew Items for Brown Trout Rattling Rogue Can't Afford It


All these color patterns were hot in the original Bay Rat stickbaits which we are fortunate enough to still have. These Smithwick’s are 4 1/2″ long, 1/3 oz in weight and dive 0-2 ft. Our experience has them diving a bit more. They are deadly both flat-lining and on leadcores for trophy browns.

Firebrand Custom Baits

We are really excited to try these Firebrand custom baits, a product from Canada. Firebrand has several appealing colors that just say fish me. I see browns going nuts over these sticks. You can order them on facebook by contacting Rick Fasinato via Firebrand custom baits link. They are reasonably priced and you save on the conversion rate with USD funds. Shipping was fast and very reasonble, as well!

Firebrand stick bait

Firebrand sticks

Olive Firebrand stick bait pattern

As you can see in the photos, these are some killer colors and match the alewive young of the year forage base. They are 3.5″ long and have heavy duty split rings and hooks. Brown trout fishing can’t come soon enough!

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