Top Ten Things to Do in Oswego,NY

Top ten things to do in Oswego,NY when your not going on a fishing charter with us here at Ace Charters include a large array of options and choice to make based upon your personal preferences. Probably the best place to start would be at the Oswego County tourism website. Here you will find a monster array of things you can do when you’re not fishing on a Lake Ontario charter. As a fisherman, with an obvious biased towards the outdoors, here are the top ten things to do in Oswego,NY that we prefer and not necessarily in any special order.

  • H. Lee White Marine Museum
    H Lee white Museum Oswego,NY

    H Lee White Museum

    Created in 1982 by one Rosemary Nesbitt who is since deceased,The H. Lee White Marine Museum located along the Oswego River is home to one of the remaining tug boats that participated in the Landings at Normandy during World War Two. The tugboat “Nash”, considered a national landmark, can be visited along with many other historical maritime items.                                                                                                                      One of the top ten things to do in Oswego for sure is to attend the:

  • Oswego Harborfest  From some of the best Fireworks in the world to awesome bands from different genres, Oswego Harborfest has it all. There are even carnival rides for the kids! After Harborfest, another hot destination and definitely worthy of one of the top ten things to do in Oswego is the:
  • Oswego Motor Speedway 
    Oswego Motor Speedway

    The Best in Dirt Track racing.

    Built in 1951, The Oswego Motor speedway is 5/8 mile long dirt racing track. They run weekly car races. Previous to being a dirt race track, it was called the Wine Creek Horse Racing Track.There have been several famous race car drivers that have competed  at this track including the likes of Mario Andretti. His son Jarret is now carrying on the tradition of racing here. 

  • Fort Ontario State Historic Site      Fort Ontario State site is a total non-profit organization that was formed in 1989. Revolutionary war enactments take
    Fort Ontario State Park

    Fort Ontario State Park

    place here including cannon and musket firing. Check the website for re-enactment show schedules and times. At times when we are out on the Lake fishing, we can here the roar of the old style black powder cannons firing.

  • Oswego Railroad Museum  The Oswego Railroad Museum is a great place to relive the historic times of the railroads in Oswego County. There are HO scale versions of the trains that once road the rails as well as model scenary that the trains used to pass through.
  • State University of New York Oswego  Also called SUNY, the State University of New York Oswego is one of the several SUNY universities located through out the state of New York.
  • Ontario Orchards  If you like the smell of apples and like to pick your own, Ontario Orchards is the place to go. Practicing totally organic farming, the apples here are as good as they get! Another one of the top ten things to do in Oswego and check out is:
  • Breitbeck Park  Breitbeck Park is one of the best places to just stand and look out over the expanse and total awe of Lake Ontario. Being set on a hill, you have a total birds eye view. The sunsets here are also second to none in their beauty.
  • Glenwood Golf Course  One of the nicer golf course in the Oswego,NY area.
  • Ace Charters  Last but not least and one of the top ten things to do in Oswego,NY, is another day on beautiful Lake Ontario fishing for trophy trout and salmon with us here at Ace Charters.