Our 2023 best attractors will be discussed in this blog post. We will not only tell you what they were, but also where we obtained them. So let’s get started !

Our Best Attractor

Since it inception we have been a big fan of of the plain old “Two Face” 8 inch attractor both in e-chip and non e-chip versions. They are available from several producers including Stinger, Deamweaver, and Salmon Candy. Locally, in Pulaski, both Fat Nancy’s and All Seasons have them for sale. They are available as well, on line from Salmon Candy. We did best when running meat with this pattern, especially off of Dipseys.

Best Rigger Attractor

Our number one go to rigger attractor last year was a Dreamweaver Spinny 8 inch in the Hammertime pattern. It fired nearly every morning trailing meat behind it. The best meat head with it was a Purple UV Luhr Jenson, stuffed with cut bait. We usually ran it tight to the ball and would stretch it back further, if neccessary, as the day wore on.

Some Other Items

Thinking back, some of our best 2023 attractors were new comers to our arsenal. Provided by Sal-Eye fishing, they turned out to be real winners! Available on-line, youngster Linc does an excellent job of hand taping these 8 inch attractors. Some of my favorites include Chin Bone, Tyee Treat, Kryptonite, Scum Line and Dragon Slayer. They have all taken fish aboard Ace Charters ! What I really like about this product is the quality Linc puts into the manufacture. The tapes stay on ! These attractors remain intact trip after trip and fish after fish. Check out the awesome price, too!

Late Season Studs

In our previous post, https://www.acecharters.com/capt-jimmys-blog/atommik-trolling-flies-for-staging-kings/ we revealed some of our best Atommik flies for staging kings. The Sal-Eye attractor patterns mentioned in the above paragraph worked well with the aformentioned flies. The Davey Jone’s pattern along with the Dreamweaver version of Jack’s Pretty Girl in 8 inch were hot, too!

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