Rigging Dipsey Divers

Rigging Dipsey divers the right way will increase your bites dramatically. After years of experimenting and dialing in, we have found  just the right set-ups to really increase the odds of getting bit. This post will try to explain the set-ups we use on a daily basis while running our Lake Ontario fishing charters.

rigging dipsey divers

Walker deeper Divers

The most critical component rigging dipsey divers is using the right line from the diver to the lure. We use 25 lb test Ande fluorocarbon for all of our attractor applications when running standard size #1 Luhr Jenson Dipseys or 107 Walkers. We leader down to 20 lb test Ande fluorocarbon for salmon spoon applications.  30 lb test Ande is used on those days when Mag divers are called for.

The Right Diver Leader Length

Now that you have our favorite line types  from the diver to the lure or attractor, just how long should the leaders be? The answer is that it varies depending on lure type and trolling speed. The faster the trolling speed, the longer the dipsey lead length we employ. We measure our lead lengths by counting the number of wraps around the rudder of the dipsey; one complete revolution per wrap.

 17 wraps are used for our attractor presentations when trolling fast. When trolling slower, 13 wraps or less is used rigging dipsey divers for attractors. For most spoon presentations, 20 wraps are used. Note that with the longer leads, you will have to hand line the fish to the net at the stern of the boat.

Brown trout fishing requires some modifications rigging dipsey divers. To get the bites and correct lure action,lighter leader is often times required. Slide Diver and Slide Diver Lite Bites are our go to items when chasing browns on Lady O. We will discuss those in a later post.

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