Running cut bait heads will be the topic of this post. We will discuss different brands and the nuances of each that we run here at Ace Charters. Affects of seasonal differences on Lake Ontario out of Oswego, NY along with water column depths will be included as well!

Brands Of Cutbait Heads

We use several different brands of cutbait heads throughout the season. These include Rhys Davis, John King, Dreamweaver, Luhr Jensen, and Diabolical heads. Each company has unique color patterns along with different optimal speed tolerances. Color is very important, but operating speed even more so! Having the right color rolling too fast, or too slow, will negate the affects of the color pattern chosen.

Best Speed Tolerance Head

Each of the cutbait heads that we run have an optimal speed range that produces strikes. When running cut bait heads, perhaps the most forgiving of all are the Rhys Davis heads, when tuned correctly. They allow themselves to be bent and/or corkscrewed to produce the proper roll under different trolling speeds. They can be un-bent as well! We have successfully run Rhys heads as slow as 1.6mph to speeds as high as 3.6mph with proper tuning!!!

Fixed Heads

King, Dreamweaver,Luhr Jensen, and Diabolical cutbait heads fall into the category of what I like to call “fixed heads”. They are rigid by nature and difficult to bend or manipulate. Each of them have trolling speed ranges unique to them, right out of the package. The speed ranges of these heads can be manipulated to some degree with a change in hook size. The heavier the hook, the faster they can be pulled through the water.


John King heads work best for us at 2.5 to 2.7 mph with larger pieces of cutbait in them. Cutbait with tails work well. Dreamweaver heads turn better at 2.2 to 2.4 mph with tailess pieces of a smaller nature. Diabolical heads run similar to Dreamweavers. Luhr Jensen heads seem to run best in the 2.8 to 3.0 mph range with our hook set ups. They are our second favorite head to use. They have built in eyes and an inherrent good bend out of the package! LJ’s worked great with small tailed pieces of bait or larger tailess pieces run clean off of dipsey divers behind 8″ attractors!

Favorite Colors

Our favorite colors depend upon the brand of cutbait head we use. For Rhys Davis, glow white, glow green, uv purple, and chrome are our go to’s! Our best Dreamweaver colors are green dot and yellow dot. Hands down our best LJ head is the uv purple. The clear uv LJ is also a winner at times. We have a few Diabolical heads in custom patterns, as well! Check out our previous post


Further Info

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