Scotty tournament practice

Our team will be heading to St. Catharines this weekend for some Scotty Tournament practice for the first leg of the King Of the Lake series being held on Lake Ontario on the Canadian side of the lake. Early reports from friends on that side of the lake have not been too promising, at least not for king salmon. There are reports of brown trout being caught in shallow water especially near warm water discharges like creeks and rivers. The water temperatures are still running a bit on the cold side but we are anticipating the surface temperatures to rise with the improving weather forecast.

We are also anticipating that the king salmon should be showing up by the middle of next week with the improving warming  temperatures. There has also been a lot of stained water in the lake due to the high waters being caused by the heavy rains that have been flooding the area creeks and streams. Hopefully, this should all settle down for the first Lake Ontario Scotty fishing tournament. We shall see.