Sea sickness on Lake Ontario is a common occurence, especially for first time fishermen and clients. We will discuss the cause and some of the ways to avoid this maladity, so that it doesn’t happen to you. Fishing is supposed to be fun, right! Getting sea sick is anything but!

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Sea Sickness Cause

Sea sickness or motion sickness is caused by wave motion messing with the equilibrium in your inner ear. According to Medline Plus, specifically, it’s your eyes showing your brain something different than what its feeling via your inner ear. Everyone knows what happens when this situation is allowed to go on for too long!!!

So how do we prevent getting sea sick in the first place? The answer is to first know if you are succeptable to motion sickness and to what degree! One variable that must be taken into account is sea state or quite simply, how rough is it out there. The rougher the Lake is, the more likely you are to get sick, and the much quicker it will occur. After all, you are less likely to get sick on a flat body of water or calm seas!

Finding out whether you are prone to sea sickess or not, as well as to what degree, comes with experience. And that must include Lake Ontario experience! Keep in mind that Lake Ontario wave patterns and frequencies are quite different than saltwater Ocean waves. Numerous times on our Lake Ontario fishing charters we have had “old salts”with plenty of Ocean experience leaning over the side.

Skoplalamine Patches For The Cure

Here’s our best recommendation for preventing sea sickness! Unless you know for sure that you are immune to getting motion sickness on Lake Ontario, the best pre-emptive move is to use Skopalomine patches prescribed to you by a physician! Years of experience shows us that these patches work! Trick is to put them on behind your ear the day before you plan on going out on the water. This gives the medication enough time to get into your system and do its job.

sea sickness Skopalomine patch

If you can’t aquire Skopalomine patchs, then there are other over the counter motion sickness medications available to try. Keep in mind that these too, should be taken with enough advanced time to let the meds get into your system. Although these types of meds have worked for some, they still do not compare to the patch for reliability in sea sickness prevention. Please check out our page on preparing for your fishing charter for further information and insights to ensure a great trouble free fishing trip!

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