Spring Fishing Report

This is our spring fishing report. Spring brown trout fishing is starting off with a bang all along the southern shore of Lake Ontario. From east to west, good catch reports are coming in from both charters and recreational fishermen. Limit catches have been the norm rather than the exception. Fishing in 10-12 ft of water while running stickbaits on the boards and spoons on the riggers seems to be the ticket.

Here at Ace Charters, we are presently gearing up for our striped bass opener on the mighty Hudson River. The boat is ready and is in the water here at Coeymans’ Landing Marina. The water is still a bit cold however, reading 44.2 degrees. We are waiting for it to warm up to 48 degrees or better to really kick off the run.

Spring Fishing Report

As of late, herring are still a bit scarce with little to no sightings. There have been confirmed reports of river alewives present in the Poetenskill Creek as of today 4/23/18. There have been many reports of schoolies being caught up and down the river on blood and sandworms both from shore and from boats.

We plan on fishing tomorrow and doing our annual shakedown cruise. The boat is stocked up with bloodworms and sandworms to give a try. We will cruise up and down the river to see whats happening. My guess is that most of the stripers that are here now will be looking for the warmest water they can find. Mud flats will most likely be key as they warm up a little bit quicker.

We will do our best to continue with our fishing reports as the season progresses. We are anticipating a decent run this year on the Hudson to make up for last years dismal performance. Stay tuned!

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