We attended our first ever Titelines invitational tournament held at Bluffer’s Park in Toronto Canada this past weekend. I’m sad to announce that this is going to be a story about the one that got away.

This particular tournament is an all salmon tournament only which means that only coho and king salmon can be counted. A total of six of your best catch can be weighed in. The scoring system goes 10 points per fish and 1 point per pound. Evidence that there was an extremely tough bite can be backed up by the fact that less than 6 teams out of 60 weighed in a 6 fish limit. Now about the one that got away!  We had a humongous king hit a meat rig down 140ft. I was the one on the rod and fought this fish to the surface where we played a viscous tug of war for several minutes. As luck would have it, the king slashed around and cut the leader down by the meat head and went away. If we had manged to land that particular fish and put it with the others we had successfully landed, we no doubt would have been in the top five.

We are planning on fishing the second Titelines event come August third. Hopefully, we will have a better outing at that event. Until next time……….