2021 early season fishing report for Lake Ontario derived from some of the local captains and charters operating in the area that I have talked with. The overall Lake Ontario fishing has been very species specific due to lake water conditions. Lake water has for the most part has been low in level and gin clear!

Unprecedented Water Conditions

Given the gin clear water clarity and unprecendented low water levels, the brown trout fishing has been somewhat slow to non existent for much of the early part of April 2021. There have been limited opportunities for brown trout bites in the grey light. But, as soon as it gets bright out, the bite dissapears. The browns that have been caught, have been very decent in size with many weighing in the teens. This is rather unusual for this time of year.

Oswego,NY 2021  early season fishing report for Lake Ontario

Whats needed to get the right brown trout fishing conditions is colored water along the shoreline. This not only provides cover for the browns but also allows the water to warm up faster as the particulates of the turbid water absorb the sunlight much better. These particles absorb the suns rays and radiate the heat into the water.

Winds Help Temporarily

There was a west blow during the last week of April which was sufficient enough to disturb the low shorelines enough to muddy up the water. The west winds also brought the green water form the Niagra river discharge into the Lake from the west end. The brown trout bite picked up considerably while the conditions prevailed. Unfortunitely, it didn’t take long for the south winds to blow out the good water.

Low Water

Low water conditions prevent the waves that hit the shoreline to stir up turbidity! The sand and dirt are so far away from the typical waters edge, that the waves can’t reach it. The shoreline is much more rocky and hard bottom the farther away from the normal water level shoreline you go!

Different Species to Save The Day

I would be remiss if I didn’t include in the 2021 early season fishing report for Lake Ontario the Lake trout fishing. Lake trout fishing in the 150-160 ft of water along most of the southern shore has been nothing short of phenominal. Limit catches have been the norm with some specimens weighing in excess of 20 lbs coming to the net. Some charter captains have been playing catch and release with the lakers. Over 20 to 30 lakers have been caugt and released on several outings. What effect this will have on the overall laker population health remains to be seen!

Bonus Fish

Most recently at the end of April, a few charters have captured some king and coho salmon. The kings and cohos should produce better fishing as the water warms and the bait moves more inshore. What is scary, is the lack of one and two year old brown trouts in the catch that typically line the Lake Ontario southern shoreline during this time of year, As a special note, congratulations to Hat Trick and Spankmeiyer charters who both landed 18 plus pound brown trout on the same day.

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