Brown trout charters are one of the best ways for a family to have fun fishing on Lake Ontario with Capt.Jimmy Samia and Ace Charters. Typically being fished for closer to shore and in calmer seas, Lake Ontario brown trout fishing trips are known for having plenty of action and being easier to catch for both women and children alike. Physically challenged anglers seem to do very well battling these hard fighting bull dogging brownies, as well! Our home port of Oswego, NY is famous for for producing world class brown trout sometimes in excess of thirty pounds including a 33lb 2 oz behemoth New York state record caught by Tony Brown in 1997!

Brown trout charters
A typical Lake Ontario June Brown trout tank.
Lake Ontario brown trout fishing family
Lake Ontario brown trout fishing family fun when everyone gets in on the action.

Best Light Tackle

On our charter boat the “Ace“, you will be using some of the best equipment available for targeting, battling, and catching brown trout that is available today on one of our brown trout charters. We use custom built Bass Pro short sticks and Penn International Gold reels. The best set-ups insure brown trout fishing success and a whole bunch of fun while catching them. Our tackle selection aboard is also second to none. Our pro staff affiliations give us the one up to getting bites and boating fish for our clients!

Brown Trout Fishing Expertise

Throughout our tournament fishing career our Ace Charters pro team has had to rely on Lake Ontario brown trout fishing when other species weren’t readily available. Catching Lake Ontario browns has saved the day on many occasions! Our pro team has won or placed very well fishing Lake Ontario Pro Am series tournaments. The Ace Charters team finished second ,narrowly finishing out of first, both  in 2013 and 2014 in the Lake Ontario Lakewide Cup! We competed against the best teams in the world! Lake Ontario Brown trout LOC winnerOur clients have done very well Lake Ontario brown trout fishing, too! Jim Lemmons from Pennsylvania won the fall LOC Derby Brown trout division while fishing with us. His Brown trout caught on our  charter netted him a cool $2500.00 in  cash!

Jim Lemmon's award winning brown trout

June Fishing For Browns

Lake Ontario browns can be targeted from June into September. Ontario brown trout can be targeted when other fish species give us the slip. Read our article on Lake Ontario brown trout fishing in our blog! Here you will find some useful information not only on brown trout fishing but how to prepare for your Lake Ontario fishing charter as well. All you have to do is give us a call at 413-346-7675 or contact us via e-mail and we will be more than willing to answer any  further questions or book a trip for you. We promise to make your Lake Ontario brown trout fishing charter with us as hassle free as possible. Remember our motto,” If your not having fun fishing , we’re doing it wrong”!


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